Psychologist Cover Letter Example

Updated on December 19, 2014

Cover letter has become an integral part of any job application these days. Due to lack of proper guidance on cover letter writing many candidates ruin the chances of their resume being shortlisted by delivering a poor quality cover letter. Below we have provided some effective cover letter writing tips to facilitate candidates in this regard.

Innovation and boldness: Bold and innovative letters catch the reader’s eye. Make an impressive beginning, continue on with confidence and end with conviction. Schedule yourself an interview!

Pitching in your candidacy: In order to make a case for your candidacy you have to relate your competencies to the employer’s required skills.

Enthusiasm: Boring and flat toned letters reflect a disinterested candidate. Put in some energy and show them that you mean to get that job.

Have a look at the sample given below.


Psychologist Cover Letter Example


Jessica Kendall

230 Fiery Ave • Seattle, WA 43009 • (004) 333-2222 • jessica @ email . com

December 19, 2014

Mr. Fredrick Smith
HR Manager
22 Cherry Tree Lane
Seattle, WA 43009


Dear Mr. Smith:

I was captivated by your mission statement when I visited your website. ‘To help people help themselves’. It is truly reflective of my ideology of developing self help skills among clients as a psychologist. My aim is always to help my clients in being able to help themselves since I believe that psychological cure always comes from the inside, it cannot be imposed.

Working as a counseling psychologist in the Health Valley hospital for the past 5 years I have been responsible for:

• Conducting diagnostic evaluations and assessments
• Developing and implementing behavioral intervention strategies
• Educating clients and families regarding effective and practical coping strategies
• Case filing, management and disposition planning

My ability to assess and evaluate psychological problems and capitalize upon various therapeutic strategies to address the identified issues is one of my strongest asset. My strengths in crisis intervention along with thorough knowledge regarding various therapeutic schools of thought have vastly contributed to my success as a psychologist. Being an expert in case management, my services have always been highly commended by my employers and clients. I bring the same expertise and zeal to your advertised position in capacity of an experienced psychologist and cannot wait to start making productive contributions at the North West Hospital following my hiring.

I highly appreciate your time and consideration and will contact you next week to see if you are available for scheduling an interview. My detailed resume is enclosed for your review and consideration and I look forward to seeing you soon.



Jessica Kendall

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