Psychologist Cover Letter Example

Updated on: March 27, 2021

Psychologists play a vital role in the emotional and mental wellbeing of patients. This is the primary reason that when you apply for this position, your cover letter should be excellent.

In a psychologist’s cover letter, your concentration should be on convincing the hiring manager that you are trained to make a difference.

Primarily, your skills and qualifications for the position need to be highlighted. You must also ensure that your accomplishments are emphasized. If you have successfully rehabilitated a patient, do mention it.

Your cover letter must highlight why you deem yourself a prime candidate, and what exactly you bring to the table. This information will help a hiring authority decide that you are indeed good for his or her patients.

In your cover letter, mention specifically what areas you excel in, and how you intend to excel even more.

Here is a cover letter example for a Psychologist Resume that you can take ideas from:

Sample Cover Letter for Psychologist Position

Henry Miner
(000) 540-9987
[email protected]

March 27, 2021

Mr. Chandler Chad
Human Resources Manager
Healing People
98 Sparks Road
Morgantown, WV 27944

Dear Mr. Chad:

As a psychologist, my journey has been long and fulfilling. Throughout the 9 years that I have worked in this area, I have been successful in most of my cases. This was mostly because of my ability to reach out to patients suffering from a variety of emotional and mental conditions, on a level that they were most comfortable with. Right now, I want Healing People to benefit from my experience and qualifications.

During the time that I have worked as a psychologist, I have accomplished much, including:

• Rehabilitated a substance abuse victim, by gradually leading her through a self-healing process.
• Implemented Theta Healing as part of the psychological therapy, as a result, decreased the healing process by 50%.

These are just my recent accomplishments. Over the years, I have achieved a lot more, and have developed excellent skills in many areas, including:

• Diagnosis and Treatment
• Behavioral Health
• Intentional-focused Therapy
• Community Liaison
• Behavior Interventions
• Pattern Testing

In view of the information mentioned above, I present myself as a viable candidate to work as a psychologist at Healing People. I am positive that a face-to-face meeting between us will be highly fruitful for both ends. I will remain in touch with your office to secure a time and date.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you need to reach me, please contact me at (000) 540-9987.


Henry Miner