Criminal Justice Cover Letter Sample

Criminal Justice Cover Letter Guidelines

☛ Making the hiring manager confused in any manner is the last thing your cover letter can do; always begin your letter by mentioning the exact position you are seeking.

☛ Reading a story about your life is something the employer definitely does not want to read. Give them what they want to see in a cover letter. Do the hiring manger’s work for them!

☛ If you think your cover letter is awesome and a typical closing paragraph would be sufficient, think again! A flat closing equals to no interview call. Close your level persuasively and ask explicitly for an interview call.


Criminal Justice Cover Letter Sample


Paul Martin

877 Auburn Lane ● Columbus, OH 67301 ● (006) 555-3333 ● paul @ email . com

Monday, December 21, 2015

Mr. Jason Marc
HR Manager
Columbus Police Department
977 J.D Lane
Columbus, OH 67301


Dear Mr. Marc:

Your police officer vacancy announcement intrigued me since my skills and training closely relate to your requirements. Below is a snapshot of similarity among what you require and I offer, I am also enclosing my resume for consideration of the same.

❖ Well versed in responding to emergency calls

❖ Competent at acting in emergency and taking appropriate criminal justice action

❖ Substantial knowledge of law enforcement policies and peace restoration protocols in case of dispute issued by and practiced in the state

❖ Adept at compiling and submitting all case related information and documentation as per the state issued guidelines regarding the same

❖ Thorough understanding of cultural diversity among people; fully aware of the state issued anti discriminatory policy regarding handling of criminal case suspects and communication with informants

Furthermore, I have exceptional physical stamina and proficient in handling emergency situations.

I am quite excited to meet with you to discuss the police officer role and my suitability for it. You may reach me at (004) 333-2222 to arrange an interview date. I am positive that your time investment in meeting with me will be repaid amply.

Thank you for your time and consideration; I hope to hear from you shortly.



Paul Martin

Paul Martin

Encl. Resume

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