Plumber Assistant Resume Sample 2

Updated on March 4, 2018


A plumber assistant resume that should be informative, attractive and easy to read.

It should contain information about a candidate’s education, employment, and specialized skills.

The layout should be easy to read and scan – you don’t know for sure if your resume will be read by a human or scanned by the ATS so you have to be prepared for both possibilities – and it should generate the type of questions that you would want to answer at the interview.

The following resume sample for a plumber assistant position will help you:


Sample Resume for Plumber Assistant



James Miller

795 Kensington Boulevard ● Fort Wayne, IN 18272 ● (000) 124-4541 ● Email


Successful track record of installing, repairing and maintaining water/gas piping and controls.

Competent Plumber Assistant with over 5 years of experience in reviewing building plans and specifications to determine building layouts. Well-versed in identifying required tools and equipment to handle plumbing work in both commercial and residential buildings. Takes and follows plumbing work orders vigorously. Adept at effectively handling underground storm sanitary and water piping systems, performing preventative and regular maintenance on plumbing fixtures and appliances and testing pipe system and fixtures for leaks and ensuring that they are fixed immediately.


• HVAC Operations• Position Marking
• Installation Codes• Environmental Protection
• Water Distribution and Disposal• Pipe Cutting and Fitting
• Drainage Systems Installation• Pressure Gauge Observation
• Scheduled Maintenance• Building Codes
• Bracket Mounting• Water Treatment Equipment


PITWAY CORPORATION, Fort Wayne, IN (3/2013 to Present)
Plumber Assistant
• Determine each building’s plumbing needs by reading and comprehending blueprints and building plans.
• Install plumbing and heating systems in both residential and commercial buildings.
• Determine water supply networks and drainage systems and ensure that they are properly installed.
• Cut and shape water pipes to ensure that they fit properly.
• Test pipe systems and fix any leaks that may come about.
• Mount brackets and hangers on walls and ceilings so that pipes can be held in place.
• Cut and drill holes in walls and floors to accommodate piping passage.
• Assist in cleaning and renewing steam traps and perform maintenance on piping systems.
• Install gas burners, fit valves and assemble tanks and pumps.

Key Contributions and Accomplishments
• Installed a first of its kind earthquake-resistant drainage system in the new office of Hewlett Packard on Nevada Avenue.
• Trained a group of 23 plumbing assistants in the use of building and installation codes to help them understand the basics of plumbing work.
• Introduced a new position marking technique that reduced marking time by a whopping 88%.
• Saved a catastrophe from happening by actively monitoring pressure gauges in a suspected high water pressure area in a commercial building.

ARMISTEAD MECHANICAL, Fort Wayne, IN (1/2011 to 3/2013)
Plumber Apprentice
• Assisted in cutting and shaping pipes according to building specification.
• Provided support for installing piping systems and testing them for usability.
• Performed preventative and regular maintenance on HVAC systems.
• Assisted in preparing chemical solutions used to immerse pipes in chemical solutions to remove dirt and oil.
• Handled excavating and digging duties along with laying and joining pipes for appropriate water flow.

Associate of Arts in Plumbing Technology
AA Technical College, Fort Wayne, IN – 2010