The present day’s business communication system and style is rapidly changing. Since cover letters are also a formal form of communication, the same trend is visible in these as well. Modern cover letters are highly targeted, tailored and to the point. Similarly, a cover letter for an entry level plumbing position needs to be built very cleverly to catch the potential employer’s attention. A confident tone helps convince the potential employer that the candidate has the required skills and abilities.

Following is a sample entry level plumber cover letter, formatted according to the above discussed guidelines for your view.


Entry Level Plumber Cover Letter No Experience


Daniel Rev

733 Tinker bell Lane, Pearland, TX 67332
Cellular: (003) 222-5555, Home: (004) 666-7777
daniel . rev @ email . com

May 9, 2016

Mr. Jason Mitch
Senior Manager
Plumber’s Galore
929 Horizons Square
Pearland, TX 67332


Dear Mr. Mitch:

Are you looking for a dedicated and passionate plumber?

Could Plumbers Galore use the skills of a customer service-oriented professional?

Do you need a vocationally trained plumber who is well-versed in usage of latest plumbing technologies?

If yes, then I may be your next Plumber. Having recently completed my plumbing apprenticeship, I am passionate to work for Plumber’s Galore.

Following is a brief overview of my relevant skills:

• Competent at reading, understanding and implementing pipe system and fixtures installation blueprints
• Deep understanding of the OSHA regulations
• Efficient in reading and comprehending instruction manuals
• Adept at usage of manual and electric tools and equipment needed in plumbing
• Proficient in interpreting cost estimating and implementing plumbing plans and schematic diagrams

As a committed plumber who can work effectively alone as well as in a team, I would like to meet with you to discuss your requirements and my skills in detail. I am available at (003) 222-5555 to answer any queries you might have regarding my education and qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Daniel Rev