Apprentice Plumber Resume Example

Apprentice plumbers work in a number of settings where their main responsibility is to assist plumbers with their jobs. This work requires that a candidate possesses some knowledge of the tools that are used in the trade along with a keen interest in the activities of plumbing.

As this is an entry level job so candidates do not possess any practical experience. Therefore, writing a resume for plumbing apprenticeship might be problematic. Let us have a look at a resume sample for Apprentice Plumbing position in order to see how a workable resume can be written by a candidate.


Apprentice Plumber Resume Example


John Cena

1276 Tulsa Road, Mobile, AL 77763
(001) 999-9999 | jon @ email . com

CAREER OBJECTIVE: Looking for an Apprentice Plumber position at the Plumbers Galore utilizing shop class exposure and a strong interest in plumbing profession so as to assist the company’s unit of plumbers effectively.

St. Louis Community School, Mobile, AL
High School Diploma – 2012

• Good knowledge of pipeline layouts and digging techniques
• Sound background in using hand tools and equipment used in plumbing activities
• Familiar with repairing mechanical equipment used in plumbing work
• Functional knowledge of parts used in plumbing projects

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Known for working in an organized manner
• Demonstrated ability to use hand and power tools
• Talented in managing physical work

• Member of the school shop class
• President of the school theater club
• Member of the school football and tennis teams

• Worked as a volunteer for the local children’s hospital
• Volunteered as a Big Brother for the SOS Children’s Village
• Worked as a volunteer for the school admission office

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