Plumber Helper Cover Letter With No Experience

Updated on: November 14, 2020

A plumber helper performs a wide array of work to help lead plumbers with their jobs.

In order to obtain a plumber helper position, you must write a compelling cover letter that shows your skills and enthusiasm.

In your cover letter, highlight your knowledge and training in installing and repairing plumbing systems.

You may take ideas from the job description provided by the prospective employer. That said, if the company is looking for a plumber helper who is dedicated and organized, mention that you are.

Keeping your letter short and to-the-point. If you have held an apprenticeship position earlier, mention it.

See the example below to get a better idea.

Sample Plumber Helper Cover Letter With No Experience

Solomon Mines
(000) 284-0284
[email protected]

November 14, 2020

Mr. Jonathan Miles
Human Resources Manager
Moore Inc.
8 Height Road
Santa Fe, NM 38503

Dear Mr. Miles:

In my search for a plumber helper position that supports my talents and physical stamina, I came across the posting for a Plumber Helper at Moore Inc. and was eager to apply. With recent plumbing training and apprenticeship, I deem myself a good contender.

Through my hands-on training, I learned about laying out, measuring, cutting, installing, and repairing plumbing system components. Connecting pipe lengths with fittings, using correct methods is also an area of my strengths.

Some of my major qualifications include:

  • Highly competent in inspecting plumbing systems to determine issues
  • Able to prioritize plans for plumbing-related problems
  • Knowledge of adjusting functional parts of mechanical devices used in plumbing
  • Ability to ensure the proper working order of assigned plumbing systems

Moreover, I am proficient in installing glass, non-metallic, and corrosive resistant piping and fixtures with ease and expertise. My mentors appreciated my ability to work in a team environment.

I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my qualifications make me an ideal candidate. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to meeting with you in person soon.


Solomon Mines

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