Order Picker Job Description and Duties for Resume

Updated on: December 18, 2020
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Order Picker Job Description

Order pickers work in warehouses across many industries. They are responsible for a multitude of tasks the most common being that of picking, storing, packing, and monitoring product or equipment inventory. They are also responsible for managing tasks related to shipping and transportation of goods depending on the setting that they are working in.

Order pickers may be in direct contact with a customer. This depends on their specific job description. In places where direct customer involvement is important, order pickers consult with customers about their orders and pick them up for shipment while ensuring the correct quantity of the product in question.

They assemble various types of merchandise for purchase along with transporting the goods to the shipping platform. Order pickers are also expected to repack items when the situation demands it.

Job Duties for Order Picker Resume

• Received pick tickets from supervisor

• Reads order to find out catalog number, size, color, and quantity of merchandise

• Obtained merchandise from shelves

• Packed and weighed orders

• Placed incoming items in inventory

• Conducted physical inventories

• Picked customer orders for shipment

• Transported orders to shipping locations

• Operated and maintained materials handling tools

• Organized items of pallet

• Oversaw the security of the warehouse

Order Picker Job Description: Position Requirements

Order pickers are required to possess a forklift license as operating a forklift is essential in a warehouse environment. They use them for lifting heavy objects and transporting them from one place to another in a safe manner. They need to be very organized as they need to ensure the correct number of items to be packed and transported.

Individuals with some technical skills have a great chance of working as order pickers as they sometimes need to perform minor maintenance tasks on equipment. Order pickers also file records of work that they have done along with managing inventory and stocks as instructed.