Strawberry Picker Job Description for Resume

Updated: September 2, 2022
Strawberry Picker Job Description

Strawberry picking is a lot of fun. Imagine being paid for it!

Working as a strawberry picker is not all fun and games though. There’s a lot of hard work involved as well.

As a strawberry picker, you’ll be performing a lot of picking and packing activities.

You will be spending most of your time outdoors on the strawberry farms. Inclement weather will be a constant, so you will need to possess the ability to withstand it.

A list of job duties associated with a strawberry picker position is provided below:

Strawberry Picker Job Description for Resume

• Check assigned strawberry fields in order to determine picking activities.
• Inspect strawberries to check them for infestations.
• Pick each strawberry in a careful manner.
• Place picked strawberries in baskets so as not to crush them.
• Isolate strawberries that are damaged.
• Ensure that unripe strawberries are not picked.
• Fill strawberry baskets and transport them to checking areas.
• Check all picked produce before deeming the lot perfect.
• Clean or wash strawberries in accordance with specified standards.
• Place strawberries in designated cartons or crates.
• Ensure that cartons and crates are properly lined with protective layering.
• Assist in sealing packed cartons using glue or nails.
• Ensure that strawberries are not damaged due to packing.
• Observe the strawberry plant in order to ensure its health.
• Provide feedback to farm managers regarding problems such as infestations.
• Pack and load harvested strawberries.
• Provide care to plants surrounding strawberry picking areas.
• Ensure that picked strawberries are not crushed or damaged.
• Transport barrels, baskets, or crates of picked strawberries to assigned farm areas.
• Count and weigh picked strawberries in order to determine pricing and cost.
• Wash strawberries and place them in Styrofoam boxes for transport purposes.
• Arrange strawberries in cartons and baskets in an aesthetic manner.
• Pack cartons and baskets using materials such as wrapping paper and ribbons.

Strawberry Picker Qualifications

Working as a strawberry picker does not require formal education. However, if you have a high school diploma and some past experience working on a fruit farm, you will be considered a good option to hire.

Physical dexterity is a given in this work. As a strawberry picker, you will be bending and stooping a lot. Also, you will need to be knowledgeable about fruit picking work, especially picking strawberries.

Moreover, working as a strawberry picker means that you must have an eye for good fruit so that you can pick it out from bad produce.

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