4 Payroll Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

Updated July 25, 2021
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Payroll clerk interviews need to be dealt with intelligently. If you cannot handle them with care, you risk two things – the job that you have set your heart on and the confidence that you have built over the years.

When you are prepared for all eventualities at an interview, you can say goodbye to the risks.

The only way that you can ace an interview is if you appear confident and have prepared well for it. Preparation involves getting to know the job and the company well.

Once you research what it is that the company is looking for, you have nothing to fear at the interview because you will know what to expect.

Some job-related questions that you may be asked should be looked through before you arrive at the interview. For instance, an interviewee may be asked the following questions for a payroll clerk position:

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4 Common Payroll Clerk Interview Questions and Answers

1. What type of skills do you have that qualify you for the position of a payroll clerk?

Having worked as a payroll clerk for three years, I have developed great attention to detail which is the basis of this work. Possessing a firm understanding of mathematical concepts and accounting principles, along with exceptional data entry skills makes me a good choice to work as a payroll clerk.

2. What has been your greatest challenge so far?

I found myself in a quandary once when I had just acquired a new job and was familiarizing myself with the company’s unique payroll system. I discovered that one employee was being paid a large salary even though there were no corresponding timesheets available for him. The dilemma was whether to tell the authorities and risk losing my job or keep quiet and betray my position.

3. As a payroll clerk, what has been your greatest achievement?

I was responsible for developing and implementing a payroll auditing system that checked each entry to ensure its correlation to other fields. This not only leads to streamlining the entire payroll process but also reduced the time to manually check each entry for accuracy by a staggering 85%!

4. What are some of the duties that you were assigned in a similar role earlier?

Apart from collecting and summarizing timekeeping information so that payrolls can be calculated, I was responsible for obtaining overtime approvals, calculating commissions, processing garnishment requests, and dispensing employment verifications.