Entry Level Payroll Clerk Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: March 8, 2023

While it may seem difficult to write a cover letter when you have little or no experience in hand as a payroll clerk, it is actually not that tough.

What you have to do is ensure that your cover letter speaks great things about your abilities.

Highlighting your payroll clerk skills is more important than the actual work as far as cover letters are concerned.

When writing a cover letter for a payroll clerk position, ensure that you emphasize your ability to collect and summarize timekeeping information.

This will tell the hiring manager that you know something about the work and will be easily trainable.

Also, emphasize your ability to handle accounting and finance work, which go hand in hand with payroll tasks.

As far as the structure of your cover letter is concerned, you must make sure that you use a friendly format. 

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Here is an example of a well-written cover letter:

Sample Payroll Clerk Cover Letter No Experience

March 8, 2023

Ms. Jade Thompson
Human Resources Manager
Highrise Corporation
95 67th Avenue
New York City, NY7 06201

Dear Ms. Thompson:

As a passionate and analytic-minded accounting graduate, I am excited to apply for a payroll clerk position at Highrise Corporation.

During the internship, I was given a lot of exposure to the work, which provides me with high confidence that I can handle it correctly now. Since my skills are especially well-versed in processing employee advances and paybacks, I will be a great addition to your payroll team. Mainly, my knowledge of calculating pays according to timesheets, and processing garnishing requests is exceptional.

Additionally, I possess an unmatched ability to process and close periodic payrolls and also efficiently handle direct deposit payments. Managing compensation packages by making good use of payroll software such as PayPass and RollMatter is one more area of strength.

I am sure that I am a great contender for this position for more reasons than one, which I can more pertinently highlight in a face-to-face meeting. I will touch base with your secretary later in the week so that a convenient interview date can be decided upon. In the interim, please call me at (000) 188-0934 if you need to reach me.

Thank you for considering my credentials as a Payroll Clerk at Highrise Corporation.


Vera Johnson

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