Payroll Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Updated: February 5, 2021

Using few great tips and going through some solid samples, candidates are usually able to build effective cover letters for a payroll administrator job.

The position of a payroll administrator demands deep knowhow of payroll procedures and relevant software as most companies maintain computerized payroll interfaces.

Therefore, skills and expertise in all or most of the payroll software and interface must be highlighted in your cover letter.

Write your cover letter in a convincing manner, so by the time the employer finishes reading it, s/he is persuaded that you are the right candidate for the job!

Payroll Administrator Cover Letter Example

Gracie Gilbert
87 Hart Avenue | Seattle, WA 67332
(000) 555.6666
gracie.gilbert @ email . com

February 5, 2021

Mr. Drake Louis, CEO
Mirror Hotel
67 Pine Road
Seattle, WA 67332

Dear Mr. Louis:

A visit to your website informed me about your need for an experienced payroll administrator. The position stirred great interest in me since the required qualifications for the posted job are in exact accordance with my profile. I, therefore, wish to formally apply for the position as a payroll administrator at your firm.

During 3+ years’ experience as a payroll officer, I developed the following attributes which would beneficial for Mirror Hotel:

  • Familiarity with modern payroll software and interface
  • Ability to process payrolls in a smooth and timely manner
  • Skilled in tracking daily employee work hours
  • Able to provide consultation to the employees and external clients regarding efficient payroll processing and instant issue resolution
  • Exceptional expertise in generating payroll reports monthly or weekly as per management’s requirement

During my work experience at XYZ Corporation, I handled high volume contract-based payrolls off and on in addition to regular payrolls of 300 plus employees. My skills in payroll management, processing, and reporting have refined a lot and this expertise could come in very handy at processing and maintaining the payrolls smoothly at the Mirror Hotel. Additionally, my work experience at ABC Company renders me well capable of processing your distant employee’s payrolls in nationwide and international branches effectively.

In light of the exact match between my qualifications and your job requirements, I enthusiastically anticipate a meeting with you to discuss the prospect further. I’ll call your office later this week to arrange an interview date and time. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact me at (000) 555-6666.

Thank you for your time and consideration. My resume is attached for your review.


Gracie Gilbert

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