Comcast is the biggest cable conglomerate in the United States of America. With so many new channels coming up, the increase in cable installations is high and of course installation careers are also on the high.

Working at Comcast may be a great career move especially for a technician. Technicians at Comcast are responsible for installing, repairing and disconnecting connections depending on the situation that they are entrusted with. On a typical day, a technician working at Comcast will answer calls for troubleshooting and installation processes.

If you are looking for a career as a technician at Comcast, the following cover letter may help you get the job. This format is also suitable for applying other jobs at Comcast.


Comcast Cover Letter Sample

6300 S Misty Oaks Circle
South Jordan, UT 63777

April 22, 2013

Mr. Hugo Sheldon
Manager Human Resources
55 S Redwood Road
South Jordan, UT 67399


Dear Mr. Sheldon:

As a technically savvy individual with an experience of fiver years working for Cable Starters, I would like to become a part of Comcast as a Cable Technician. The opportunity to work at Comcast came at the right time as I was thinking of a change in jobs to work for a place where I will have more opportunity to employ my diverse technical skills.

On the basis of knowledge of contemporary trends in the information technology field, I may work effectively for your new and existing projects. Due to a great understanding of cable installation procedures and ability to troubleshoot problems, I was able increase efficiency by 50% at my previous place of work. With an acute knowledge of installing services akin to Internet, video and phone, I am well prepared for any troubleshooting eventuality. Moreover, I have a demonstrated experience in sales and able up-sell connections which are also a plus reflecting on my profile.

I plan to call you over the weekend to see if we can set a time for meeting and discussing my appropriateness for this position. You can also reach me at (402) 444-444 if you need any more information regarding my suitability for this position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



John Deere

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