Landlord Tenant Paralegal Resume Sample

Updated on: July 18, 2018

A landlord/tenant paralegal is an individual who works in a law firm that deals with rental property concerns.

Working in this position requires one to understand and appreciate the different aspects of this work, as they relate to clients.

One has to be on one’s toes constantly when working as a paralegal in this capacity, as there is so much going on at all times, that one cannot handle things if one is not hands-on.



Landlord Tenant Paralegal Resume Example



Anthony Bale
138 Heehaw Road, Clearwater, FL 13742
(000) 999-9999


Highly skilled Paralegal with a verifiable track record of managing legal work associated with real estate. Experienced in communicating with attorneys regarding the different aspects of landlord/tenant agreements, and issues. Demonstrated expertise in drafting and preparing legal documents according to specified instructions.
• Deeply familiar with updating firm’s case management systems, with a special focus on the integrity of information.
• Proven ability to conduct research, and edit draft documents on a periodic basis.
• Track record of effectively communicating with courts, to obtain or provide the required information.


• Research • Document Drafting • Case Management
• Documentation Review • Correspondence Handling • Transfers
• Title Searches • Property Appraisals • Public Records Searches
• Tax Liens • Calendar Management • Closing Funds

• Proved to be instrumental in a case, by providing the attorney with case precedence, just as the case was going to be closed in the opponent’s favor.
• Implemented a novel research system, which proved to be 65% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Introduced a novel records searching system, making it 50% easier to obtain information.
• Successfully oversaw the appraisals of 6 properties simultaneously, on a particularly busy day at work.


Landlord / Tenant Paralegal
Simon and Simon, Clearwater, FL                           2012-present
• Review and prepare correspondence, trust letters, and mortgages, ensuring that they were accurate.
• Look through purchase and sale contracts, and make any required changes.
• Request for, and order real property reports, certificates of titles, title insurances, and due diligence searches.
• Record important dates, maintain files and organize closing funds as instructed.
• Assist attorneys by handling their calendars, and scheduling appointments and meetings.
• Perform research work to look for precedents in support of assigned cases.
• Prepare affidavits, closing documents, and closing reports in an accurate and timely manner.
• Arrange title searches, and review and analyze surveys, as instructed by the attorney.

Legal Assistant
Cooper and Associates, Clearwater, FL                         2007-2012
• Created and maintained records of clients, ensuring that all information was correct.
• Handled case files in a confidential manner, ensuring that they had accurate information in them.
• Performed research work to assist attorneys in obtaining information regarding different cases.
• Responded to clients’ questions and concerns over the telephone, in person, and through email.
• Ensured that proper scheduling of meetings was managed, in a timely and efficient manner.

Florida State University, Clearwater, FL – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Law

Landlord Tenant Paralegal Qualifications

Typically, a bachelor’s degree in law is required to work as a landlord/tenant paralegal.

Previous internship experience in a similar capacity will go a long way in making you a good contender to be hired at this position.

If you have not worked in this particular capacity before, you may still be considered a good choice (provided you have an internship background in another legal capacity) because you will be able to handle the many intricacies of this work anyway. Most paralegals are taught on the job, so you do not have to worry about much, however, you must make sure that you understand the work at least on a general level.

Working in this position requires one to be hands-on in many areas, including client services, research, and correspondence.

If you feel that you have it in you to be considered a good choice to hire as a landlord/tenant paralegal, have a look at the following list of duties particular to this position:

Landlord Tenant Paralegal Job Description

• Go through assigned case files to determine details, in anticipation of working on obtaining more.
• Create general correspondence, trust letters, mortgages, and statements of adjustment.
• Review purchase and sale contracts and ensure that real property reports are properly handled.
• Interview clients to determine their requirements for legal advice, and create notes for the attorney’s benefit.
• Handle certificates of title, and real property reports in a confidential and safe manner.
• Record important case dates, and place reminders for court dates, in order to remind attorneys.
• Create schedules for attorneys, and maintain calendars, ensuring that meeting reminders are provided in a timely manner.
• Organize closing funds, and prepare closing checklists, which may include critical dates and roles of all involved parties.
• Arrange for titles searches to be conducted, to provide credence to assigned cases.
• Review contracts and lease agreements, and prepare abstracts for contracts and leases.
• Obtain closing figures from banks, and prorate amounts for taxes, utilities, and rent.