Real Estate Paralegal Resume Sample

Updated on: September 15, 2020

A real estate paralegal is hired by law firms to assist them in handling the day to day administrative, clerical, and some legal tasks. They are essentially hired at the mid-career, but some firm owners may want to hire a seasoned paralegal as well.

Before writing your own resume to apply for a job, it will help if you go through a sample. Here is one:

Sample Resume for Real Estate Paralegal

Carl Raymond
289 Henry Way, Norwalk, CT18302
(000) 999-9999


Top-performing Paralegal with 12+ years’ extensive experience in handling administrative, legal, and clerical work associated with real estate. Exceptionally talented in liaising with different personnel to ensure the delivery of correct information to a unit of attorneys. Qualified to prepare, review, analyze, and organize documents for real estate transactions.

• Introduced a novel data collection procedure, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already being used.
• Implemented a quick property transfer system, well-received by the county office.
• Successfully researched an old property case, information from which was used to create a new one.

• Research • Precedent Identification
• Drafting • Contracts Building
• Data Collection • Litigation Activities
• Property Transfer • Closing Processes
• Title Commitments • Surveys
• Acquisitions/Dispositions • Title Handling


Real Estate Paralegal
Thompson and Thompson, Norwalk, CT                     
• Prepare contracts such as lease and rental agreements and closing documents.
• Facilitate communication between lawyers and clients, by ensuring that feasible channels are created.
• Interview clients to obtain initial information regarding new cases and document them efficiently.
• Provide attorneys with case information and assist them in finding precedents where required.
• Perform research work to obtain information to handle different cases, aiming to close them promptly.
• Negotiate contracts, and review title reports, along with monitoring financial transactions.
• Prepare legal descriptions of lands, and create documents for eviction proceedings.
• Create and maintain records of all clients and proceedings in an accurate, and confidential manner.

Real Estate Paralegal
Bay Edge Attorneys, Norwalk, CT                       
• Gathered information regarding new cases, by assisting in interview procedures.
• Ensured that all information is properly handled, placing special focus on confidentiality.
• Created and maintained records of all cases, ensuring that they were stored in a confidential manner.
• Assisted lawyers with case proceedings, by providing required administrative and clerical assistance.
• Handled the preparation of documents such as contracts and closings, in an appropriate manner.

Bachelor’s Degree in Law
Connecticut State University, Norwalk, CT

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Real Estate Paralegal Education Requirements

To be considered eligible to work as a paralegal in a real estate capacity, you have to possess a degree in law at the very least. Your knowledge of the law as it pertains to real estate must be polished, so it is best if you brush up on the book knowledge that you possess before you apply for this job.

Real Estate Paralegal Job Description

As a real estate paralegal, you will be expected to perform many administrative tasks such as handling information, compiling records, and creating filing systems, so you need to be able to do all this.

A very important part of working as a real estate paralegal is to handle research and analysis work, which is why it is important that you understand how to do it, and know the different ways in which you can manage information and data.

As a real estate paralegal, you will be expected to handle a lot of confidential information, so it will be important for you to understand confidentiality issues, and how to make sure that the information or data that you possess, does not leak. Here is a list of duties that you may be expected to perform in this role:

Real Estate Paralegal Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Prepare, review, analyze, and organize documents required for real estate transactions.
  2. Conduct a wide variety of real estate administrative tasks, such as title proceedings and closings.
  3. Act as the first point of contact for clients, and provide them with information about the firm’s services.
  4. Correspond with clients, surveyors, title companies, and county offices to ensure that all documentation is ready and available.
  5. Draft real estate documents and ensure that they are properly recorded or filed.
  6. Prepare important documents such as contracts, and lease or rental agreements.
  7. Assist in the negotiation of contracts, by providing research results to clients and attorneys.
  8. Prepare and submit legal descriptions of the land, and handle eviction proceedings.
  9. Handle the PABX system, and respond to any queries or inquiries that may be asked.
  10. Correspond with clients, witnesses, and courts in a professional manner, aiming to edict required information.
  11. Prepare exhibits for court proceedings, by following exact orders provided by the attorney.
  12. Create and maintain files and records of real estate cases, in an accurate and confidential manner.