Landlord Tenant Paralegal Cover Letter Sample

Updated: July 18, 2018


There is only one way to make sure that your cover letter for Landlord Tenant Paralegal position is the best out of the lot – and that is to make sure that you know what your capabilities are, and how they can be used to impress a hiring manager.

Remember that hiring managers do not have a lot of time on their hands, and they need to hold onto something at the beginning of a cover letter to ensure that they keep reading. It means that the beginning of your cover letter needs to be perfect in every sense.

Once you have figured out what the beginning will hold, you need to ensure that the middle and end is as inspiring. Ensuring that your core capabilities and accomplishments are communicated to a hiring manager through your cover letter is most important. As imperative is to make sure that you do not mess up the language, grammar, or syntax.


Landlord Tenant Paralegal Cover Letter Sample


July 18, 2018

Mr. Ben Affleck
Human Resource Manager
Leopold and Associates
1903 Duncan Road
Panama City Beach, FL 27734


Dear Mr. Affleck:

I am writing to apply for a Landlord-Tenant Paralegal position, as advertised on I have spent the last year learning the ropes of handling legal work in a landlord-tenant capacity, and have now obtained sufficient information to work as a paralegal in this arena. If you look through the enclosed resume, you will be able to gauge how well-suited I am for this position.

Over the course of the time that I have spent working as a paralegal at Brooklyn Associates, I have been busy reviewing and preparing general correspondence, trust letters, mortgages, and statements of adjustments, along with reviewing purchase and sale contracts. My ability to evaluate, request, and order real property reports, certificates of titles, title insurances, and due diligence searches is profound.

On many occasions, I have been specifically asked to handle tenant/landlord cases as a sole person of contact, due to my ability to manage the work accurately. Furthermore, I am a professional when it comes to communicating with attorneys to outline required changes and handle drafting and legal document preparation work.

Confident that a meeting between us will be instrumental in convincing you to hire me as a paralegal at Leopold and Associates, I will contact your secretary soon to set a meeting date and time that is of your convenience. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if any further information is required.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.



Abby Sobers

(000) 111-1111