Paralegal interns may work in a law firm or an attorney’s office depending on their individual settings.

Students who are currently enrolled in a related coursework usually take up this position in order to acquire some hands on experience.

Let us see what a cover letter for Paralegal Internship should contain to impress the employer.




Paralegal Intern Cover Letter Sample


902 Comet Circle
Springfield, VA 63535

March 11, 2014

Mr. Jeremy Brett
Attorney in Law
Scotts Law Office
1066 Stoney Ridge Avenue
Springfield, VA 73736


Dear Mr. Brett:

I am presently studying law at the Stoney Ridge Law School and would like to deliver my skills while gaining some hands-on experience in the law field. It has come to my knowledge that Scotts Law Office hires interns for the summer and I would like to apply for this position.

As my resume indicates, I have an excellent academic record in law. I possess extensive knowledge of organizing and preparing legal documents and am familiar with the procedures and policies that govern them. Over and above, I am able to:

• Handle correspondence and interact effectively with a diverse range of clients
• Research legal issues and draft documents for attorneys
• Conduct input and maintain databases
• Perform administrative duties

Moreover, my strong interpersonal and organizational skills would help me in managing your office extremely well. I also comprehend the sensitive nature of this position; have the capacity to handle confidential information with care and professionalism.

I am very excited at the prospect of working with you to deliver my skills at the same time as learn new things. I will call your office during next week to ask for an interview and will be available at (001) 121-1111 should you need to get in touch with me. Thank you for taking out time from a busy schedule and giving this letter a read.



Amelia Kruger

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