Real Estate Paralegal Skills for Resume

Updated on: July 23, 2018

One section of the paralegal resume that is almost always grossly neglected is the skills section. While it is the most critical section in a resume, we often tend to put it on the back burner, wrongly believing that another one can impress a hiring manager more.

To be perfectly honest, the skills section is the area that hiring managers zero in on when they look through a resume.

When preparing the real estate paraprofessional resume, your focus should be on how well your skills are articulated. This is even more important than the education or experience sections, as skills are where your resume begins – or rather, should begin. How does one make sure that the skills section is a good read? It is easy.

Try to determine what your specific abilities are, and then place them in statements that are bound to make a difference to the person who is reading them. It is important to remember that not all skills statements make a positive impact on a prospective employer, so you have to work to make sure that yours do.

Pick out your best abilities, and use words and phrases to make them come alive on a resume. There is no need to write more – just write well.

Some examples of skills statements for a real estate paralegal are provided below:

Sample Skills for Real Estate Paralegal Resume

• Highly experienced in coordinating due diligence for a wide variety of commercial, and residential real estate transactions.
• Demonstrated ability to review and summarize title commitments and surveys, as required by the attorney.
• Effectively able to work closely with title companies to clear titles, and obtain title policies.
• Exceptionally talented in reviewing and summarizing judgments, taxes and other lien searches.
• Well-versed in obtaining permits and licenses from agencies, and ensuring that they are properly filed.
• Competent in preparing, reviewing, and organizing documents for real estate transactions.
• Qualified to conduct title proceedings and closings, as instructed by a unit of attorneys.
• Proven ability to effectively correspond with clients, title company representatives, and witnesses to obtain the required information.
• Solid track record of effectively drafting and recording real estate documents and papers.
• Focused on ensuring the integrity of researched information, by effectively checking and rechecking sources.
• Talented in working closely with attorneys and clients, on a wide range of administrative and research matters.
• Highly skilled in performing detailed legal research and analysis, and collecting data, documenting findings, and authoring comprehensive reports upon instruction.

Real Estate Paralegal Soft Skills

• Ability to work well with all levels within an organization
• Communication
• Team player
• Written and verbal communication
• Understanding of commercial real estate
• Legal terminology
• Organized
• Multi-tasking
• Highly motivated
• Eagerness to learn
• Data management

Real Estate Paralegal Computer/IT  Skills

• MS Word
• MS Excel skills
• SharePoint experience
• Internet research
• Project management software