Applying for a position at a coffee shop and not submitting a cover letter along with your resume is the biggest mistake you can make. Especially if you are someone who has no prior experience but want to apply for a job at a popular coffee chain like Starbucks. The purpose of a cover letter […]

  There is very little that you can do to prepare yourself for an interview completely. But what you can do is practice possible answers to questions that you may be asked for a school receptionist position. And here is a set of questions and answers for a school receptionist job interview: See also: School […]

Health issues at the workplace can really put us down, making it difficult to work optimally. If you are going through a serious health issue, you might consider resigning so that you can recuperate. Your resignation letter should spell out exactly what it is that is making you resign – a regular bout of flu […]

A cover letter for hospitality aide position helps your potential employer in understanding the proficiency and skills you can offer to their organization. It helps the employer determine whether you are right for the position or not. That is why it is very crucial to send in a cover letter along with your resume when […]

A resume for a waitress position is an individually designed document that summarizes your educational and professional background as well as your relevant accomplishments. All three elements of a resume i.e. format, style and content must resonate your professionalism. Your resume is more than just a simple piece of information about you. In fact, with […]

Attempting to write a resume (or redo an existing one) can be nothing short of true horror if you do not know just what it is that makes resumes successful. Knocking the socks off a prospective employer is what you need to do if you want to reach the interview stage. Let us take the […]

A cover letter explains your purpose for contacting an employer, highlights your skills and experiences and requests an opportunity to meet with a prospective employer. A cover letter is all-encompassing, hence much stress is placed on writing a good one. When applying in an industry that thrives on perfectionism (such as the food service industry), […]