Soccer Coach Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: December 13, 2021
Soccer Coach Job Description

Soccer coaches are usually hired by schools, colleges, and sports complexes to help students/athletes work towards achieving their goals to full potential.

They work with them closely to help them reach their full potential in playing soccer and encourage underrepresented individuals to take part in sporting activities, soccer in particular.

As a soccer coach, you will need to advise athletes in tournament schedules, assist them in preparing for tournaments, and provide advice on play strategies.

In most instances, you will also be playing the game to provide insight to athletes on how to handle difficult moves and goals.

Providing leadership to the soccer team, implementing and maintaining a quality recruiting program, and supervising team members are the crux of working as a soccer coach.

Soccer Coach Duties and Responsibilities

• Create and implement a high-quality soccer training program to achieve both team and individual objectives for athletes.
• Ensure two-way communication between athletes and guardians to ensure that set goals are met.
• Assist athletes with pre-tournament preparation review and create benchmarks for optimizing and measuring performance.
• Maintain a comprehensive understanding of training equipment and methodologies and ensure that they are maintained on a regular basis.
• Develop and implement core soccer strategies and instruct team members about strategic plays and moves.
• Interact with soccer athletes as a mentor and educator in a bid to gain their confidence and understand their individual personalities.
• Assess athletes’ skills and monitor players during competition and practice sessions and record their athletic performance.
• Administer CPR and First Aid by following established procedures in the event of injury or sickness.
• Show appropriate behavior and maintain suitable conduct towards athletes, officials, and spectators.
• Arrange for equipment, supplies, and uniforms to be procured from vendors and distribute them as required.
• Direct assistant soccer coaches or graduate assistants in coordinating study hall and tutoring activities.
• Maintain responsibility for soccer athlete retention and marketing and promoting soccer programs.

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Soccer Coach Position Requirements

Most organizations require soccer coaches to possess a bachelor’s degree in physical education, with a high standard of proficiency in soccer, training, and instructional techniques.

If this is the work that you want to do, you will need to possess a strong commitment to athletes and know how to handle emergencies on the ground.

Other requirements to work as a soccer coach include physical dexterity, the ability to work well in extreme weather conditions, and knowledge of common sports ground rules and regulations.