Aesthetician Resume Skills

Updated on: December 9, 2021

Each one of us has one or more skills that we are proud of.

It is impossible for a human being to not have a skill. It is, however, possible to not know that it exists.

Analyzing our abilities is probably the hardest part of finding out which area we are skilled in.

But this is something that we have to do if we want to justify the skills section on our resume.

Writing our skills in a resume is not the only thing that requires us to self-analyze.

It is important to just know that we are skilled in something – even if it is to feel good about ourselves.

The skills section on your resume will tell the prospective employers more than just how well you can work.

While writing a list of your skills, you will rediscover yourself as an individual who can do more than he thought he could!

How do you go about doing that?

You think and you ponder.

What does the employer want in an employee?

Once you have this question in front of you, you can take out a plethora of skills that are associated with what the employer wants.

So do not fret when you have to fill out the skills section in your resume – simply self-analyze and GO!

Sample Skills for Aesthetician Resume

• Highly skilled in performing detailed skin evaluations by using specialized equipment to evaluate skin condition and appearance.
• First-hand experience in performing a variety of tasks centered on creating ideal patient care pertaining to cosmetic needs.
• Deeply familiar with obtaining patients’ medical history prior to devising cosmetology plans.
• Proficient in administering cosmetic laser therapies according to international standards.
• Adept at developing a treatment plan for clients with appropriate follow-up.
• Demonstrated expertise in providing medical-grade facials, peels, microdermabrasion, and waxing services, by ensuring client comfort and wellbeing.
• Extensive comprehension of all skin types potential allergies and other complications that may arise from cosmetic treatments.
• Deep insight into the ingredients and use of popular quality skincare products in the market and those sold in the spa.
• Exceptional communication skills aimed at making clients comfortable and eliciting information regarding the previous cosmetic processes and medical histories.
• Effectively able to create and maintain information of clients in a confidential and safe manner.
• Proven record of efficiently booking appointments for services, return services, makeup lessons, and special events.
• Demonstrated expertise in performing cosmetology activities including makeup for weddings and parties.
• Able to indulge in suggestive selling by recommending products with each service to maximize organizational sales.