Sandwich Maker Duties and Responsibilities

Updated: August 4, 2016

Position Overview

Your favorite sandwich from a local deli is probably your favorite because it was made by a person who knew his work well – a sandwich maker. If you have never thought about the sandwich maker who makes your mealtime at office a joy, it is time you did. Because this person is great at what he does and is responsible for making hundreds of sandwiches in one shift! Isn’t that quite a feat?

A sandwich maker may be hired by a deli, a supermarket that hosts a deli counter or ever restaurants that specialize in sandwiches, such as Subway. They may also be hired by restaurants that require a dedicated person to handle a high volume of sandwich orders. Since sandwich making is an individual thing, most restaurants will provide on the job training to people whom they hire at this position. But if you have basic information on how to create sandwiches, you will be hired immediately.

Educational Requirements

Educational qualifications to work as a sandwich maker include a high school diploma or a GED. If you have a degree in a culinary area, that will help immensely. In most positions, you will be in direct contact with customers, so you will need to be exceptionally customer service-oriented and pleasant. Some of your duties and responsibilities at this position include:

Sandwich Maker Duties and Responsibilities

• Greet customers as they arrive at the counter and ask them how they would like to be helped
• Provide customers with information on available sandwich options and extras and assist them in choosing deals
• Demonstrate a complete understanding of menu items and explain them to customers appropriately and accurately
• Take orders for making sandwiches and ensure that they are properly followed as per the standards of food hygiene
• Inquire about bread and meat choices and choose and pick fresh lots from the inventory
• Cut meat into cubes or slices or use precuts to make sandwiches and salads
• Slice cheese and decant mayonnaise onto bread according to customers’ specifications
• Fry meat such as bacon, chicken and beef to make fried meat sandwiches and grill meats for healthier options
• Prepare sandwiches by putting in vegetables such as onions, olives, gherkins, lettuce and pickles according to the specific instructions of customers
• Wrap prepared sandwiches in foil or cling film, box them and hand them to customers
• Prepare bills for services rendered on the POS system and process customers’ cash and credit card payments
• Ascertain that all counters, equipment and utensils are kept clean and sanitized at all times