Fruit Packer Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated on: May 24, 2022
Position Overview

A fruit packer works on fruit farms or greengrocery stores.

Their main work is to ensure that fruits are properly packed for shipment purposes.

In grocery stores, fruit packers may be required to pack fruits for customers.

As a fruit packer, you will spend most of your day determining the right type of packaging for each fruit item and packing fruits.

Fruit packing looks quite easy. On the contrary, it is quite complex.

One has to know just what fruit types are packed in which way.

For instance, if you pack grapes in cartons, they will get crushed.

So, it is up to you to determine how to handle situations such as these.

At times, fruit packing can be quite a difficult task, as you have to pick up heavy items, such as melons. Physical dexterity is a given in this work.

A list of fruit packer’s duties is provided below:

Fruit Packer Duties and Responsibilities

• Look at work orders in order to determine daily fruit packing tasks.
• Check the freshness of each fruit.
• Determine the right way of packing fruit, according to its type and physical sensitivity.
• Obtain packaging such as bubble wraps and sealing bags.
• Place each fruit, or stack of fruit into the right bags or packs.
• Count and weight amounts, and adjust quantities in order to ensure uniformity of bags or boxes.
• Place bags and packages onto trays and racks.
• Record information such as quantity, weight, time, and dates of packing.
• Sort fruits in accordance with the size, and type.
• Oversee and assist with the filling of containers.
• Ensure fruit safety by the following procedure.
• Label each box according to specified instructions.
• Ensure that packed fruit containers are properly loaded onto delivery trucks.
• Provide loading and delivery personnel with information regarding the care of boxes.
• Pack exposed layers of fruit in foil or plastic film.
• Ensure that fruit boxes or crates are carefully lined up.
• Place lids on containers in order to close/seal them.
• Ensure nails are properly fitted so that they do not damage the fruit.
• Weigh end products (boxes, packages, or crates) in order to place information on fruit shipment documentation.

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