Fruit Sorter Resume Sample

Updated on: January 13, 2019

Fruit Sorter Resume Writing Tips

A fruit sorter’s resume must pinpoint exactly why he or she is good for the job.

The resume should highlight knowledge of fruit sorting work.

This would include information such as the ability to pick out good fruit from bad, and knowledge of handling fruit wastage.

Since a resume is an amalgamation of many areas, it is important that you highlight all information. For example, skills, competencies, education, achievements, and experience must all be emphasized.

Moreover, a fruit sorter should write exactly why he feels that he is the best person to hire.

Here is a resume sample for a fruit sorter position:

Fruit Sorter Resume Sample

John Atkinson
69 Freeway Road, Lacey, WA 87124
(000) 999-9999


Highly skilled fruit sorter, with extensive experience in sorting good fruit from the bad. Demonstrated expertise in grading and sorting fruit according to color, species, size, and weight. Ability to handle fruit wastage in a productive manner.


Grading Scrutiny Identification
Weighing Record Keeping Packing Support
Quality Evaluation Sanitization Fruit Processing
Equipment Use Packaging Safety Maintenance

• Implemented a unique quality control system, as a result, increased the quality of outgoing fruit shipments by 80%.
• Introduced a fruit processes system, thereby, decreased spoilage by 90%.
• Devised a spoilt fruit management plan, hence, reduced the amount of in-house spoilt items.
• Significantly improved fruit quality evaluation systems.


Fruit Sorter
Homer’s Fresh Fruit Farms, Lacey, WA | 2013 – Present
• Pick fruit produce in order to determine which one is of high quality.
• Grade fruit in accordance to appearance, feel, smell, and quality.
• Discard inferior or defective fruit produce.
• Place sorted fruit in assigned containers.
• Put acceptable fruit produce in selected containers for further processing.
• Weigh sorted fruit produce.
• Mark grades on containers.
• Label fruit produce or cartons.
• Extract fresh fruit samples from shipments.
• Pack fruit produce in a safe manner.
• Assist in loading packed barrels and containers on trucks.
• Bunch and tie fruit produce.

Farm Apprentice
Arian Fresh Farms, Lacey, WA | 2010 – 2013
• Watered fruits and vegetable farm lands.
• Checked vegetation for signs of problems such as infestations.
• Assisted in picking and sorting fruit and vegetables.
• Placed picked and sorted fruit and vegetables in containers.
• Cleaned and washed picked items.
• Ensured that low quality fruit and vegetables were handled according to protocol.

High School Diploma
Lacey High School, Lacey, WA

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