Factory packers are responsible for routine packaging work in a factory. They are employed by companies or factories that manufacture a diverse range of products such as clothing, footwear, furniture and electrical and electronic products.

In a CV or Resume for factory packer position, you should relate your skills and physical capabilities with the requirements of employer. Highlight your skills in cleaning, material handling, and other activities in processing, manufacturing and utilities in a factory.

Following are some alternate job titles of factory worker.

1. Furniture Packer
2. Electrical Products Labourer
3. Film Cutter – Film Processing
4. Chair Sander
5. Clothing Plant Labourer
6. Bindery Helper

Take a look at the following Factory Packer CV / Resume sample so as to make your own.

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Factory Packer Resume Example


Davis Anderson

Apt 166, Atlanta Avenue ■ Dallas, TX 98758 ■ (000) 999-9999 ■ Email

OBJECTIVE: Looking for a position as a packer at the ABC Factory utilizing physical stamina and 6 years’ packaging experience to maximize output in minimum time.

• Expert in performing repetitive tasks speedily and carefully
• Great ability to follow instructions
• Physically fit and able to lift weight up to 35 Pounds
• Clear handwriting for labeling
• Well aware of safety policies and issues

Factory Packer | May 2005 – Jan 2011
ABC Factory – Halifax, Nova Scotia

• Sorted, grouped, crated and wrapped up materials and products
• Transferred raw materials, finished products and equipment throughout plant physically or by means of powered equipment
• Checked and weighed materials and products
• Supported machine operators, assemblers and new workers
• Cleaned work areas and equipment
• Performed labouring and other essential activities

High School Diploma • City School, Austin, TX – 2002