Packer Resume Objectives

Updated on: January 8, 2016

A packer resume objective is a statement of what you want to do and what position you want within a particular company. The previous sentence makes one thing obvious – resume objective statements are particular to each job that an individual applies for. This means that you cannot use the same resume objective to apply for two or more jobs. Each job that you apply for needs a dedicated resume objective.

Objectives for packer resume were once scoffed upon – resume writing experts called them a waste of space. Now, more and more of them are believing that a resume that has an objective on it looks complete, rather than one in which the resume abruptly begins with concrete information. Resume objectives need to be complete summaries in themselves. Since only a couple of lines are provided, a resume objective has to be written in a manner that it seems apt within a very short space.

For every job application, your objective needs to be different than what you wrote for the last one. Mentioning the position that you are applying for and specific skills associated with the position is important. Make sure that each objective that you write communicates with the employer on a deep level. How you make your skills obvious to a prospective employer is what will make or break your chances of employment with the company. Practice caution!

Here are a few objective examples for a packer resume:

Packer Resume Objective Examples

• Dexterous packer looking for a position with Heartland. Bringing exceptional expertise in pulling orders and packing them according to exact instructions provided in work orders.

• Committed, results-driven professional seeking a Packer position with Multi Packaging Solutions. Offering exceptional ability to prepare containers for large volume shipments by ensuring accuracy and promptness.

• Self-motivated individual desire a Packer position at Walmart. Offers hands-on experience in pulling inventory either by hand or by using equipment or tools, depending on specific work order instructions.

• To work for Safeway as a Packer. Eager to bring skills in efficiently pulling items from storage areas and packing them in cartons or crates to ensure safety during shipment.

• To obtain employment as a Packer at Berry Plastics Corporation utilizing hands-on experience in picking orders from inventory and operating conveyor belts to ensure that they systematically reach delivery pallets.

• Looking for a Packer position at The Hygienic Corporation. Highly skilled in assembling cartons, pulling items from warehouse storage areas and safely packing them.

• Seeking a position as a Packer at Ingram Group using expertise in determining proper packaging solutions for all pulled items and ensuring that they are packed securely.