Ticket Agent Cover Letter Sample

The job hunter in the following ticket agent cover letter shows her enthusiasm for the travel industry, and her customer service as well as public relations skills, which are considered very important in traveling and tourism industry.

She mentions her previous experiences but asks for an appointment to discuss her qualifications personally with the hiring manager. You may get valuable ideas when writing your cover letter.

In addition to the position of Ticket Agent, this cover letter is also useful for the following positions:

1. Counter Service Agent, Railway
2. Bus Ticket Agent
3. Railway Passenger Agent
4. Reservations Clerk, Railway
5. Cargo Customer Service Representative
6. Airline Ticket Agent


Ticket Agent Cover Letter Example



Jane Smith

12 Example Lane, Houston, TX 64111
(000) 987-5214 | jane.smith@email.com

March 17, 2018

Mr. John Doe
Hiring Manager
ABC Bus Service
111 Dimple Street
Houston, TX 65521


Dear Mr. Doe:

I am very interested in pursuing my career as a Ticket Agent with ABC Bus Service. My formal training as a ticket agent and five years’ extensive experience in traveling and tourism industry makes me a perfect fit.

I offer expertise in answering customer inquiries, estimating fares and helping clients in planning travel times and routes. Specifically, I am well versed in issuing tickets, handling cash transactions and checking luggage of travelers. During my professional experience, I received two customer service awards and had been recognized for my ability at handling stressful situations with tricky customers.

As a dependable and precise candidate, I would like to meet with you to talk about your expectations from your new ticket agents. Please call or email me to arrange a meeting date and time that works for you. I will contact you within one week to follow up.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.




Jane Smith
(000) 987-5214
Attachment: resume

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