Hospital Switchboard Operator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 27, 2021

Cover letters describe a candidate in a way that a resume cannot. If you send a cover letter with your resume, the employer will:

• Read your cover letter with interest
• Pick up the attached resume and read it in detail
• Call you in for an interview

If your content isn’t interesting, there is a huge chance that your cover letter will come to the top of the pile.

Start enthusiastically, like the example given below:

Hospital Switchboard Operator Cover Letter Sample

Daniel Craig
24 Hopkins Lane
La Mesa, CA 65232
(000) 454-6767
Daniel @ email . com

June 27, 2021

Ms. Penelope Corbin
Manager Human Resource
Universal Health Services
738 Quince Street
La Mesa, CA 60141

Dear Ms. Corbin:

This letter and the attached resume is a keen expression of interest in the Switchboard Operator position at Universal Health Services.

‘Sense of Urgency’ is the most dominating part of my nature, and this trait made me successful in a hospital switchboard operator role over the years. Since hospitals are places where perseverance and diligence are most needed, I believe that being a proud owner of both, I can be a great asset to Universal Health Services.

Please allow me to bring your attention to some of my key skills:

  • Setting up and operating the most complex PBX and conventional telephone switchboards.
  • Handling a large volume of incoming calls and providing accurate information.
  • Arranging for emergency services by coordinating the availability of medical personnel through effective use of telephones and paging systems.

In order to discuss how I can contribute effectively, I’d love to meet with you. I can be contacted at (000) 454-6767 if you need any further information regarding my suitability for the job. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Daniel Craig
(000) 454-6767