Parking Enforcement Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: November 26, 2021

The whole idea behind writing a Parking Enforcement Officer resume is to tell the hiring manager that you are IT!

And that he or she doesn’t need to look any further to find the perfect employee.

But the resume has to be exceptionally well-written for this to happen.

The following resume sample will show you how to write your own:

Parking Enforcement Officer Resume Example

Andy Walker

7990 Doubleday Lane, Brooklyn, NY 95214
(000) 999-9999
andy.walker @ email .  com


Alert and dependable individual with a wide array of experiences in handling parking enforcement work within large facilities. Highly aware of the principles, practices, and terminology applicable to enforcing parking ordinances and regulations.

Track record of success patrolling assigned areas and issuing citations and warnings to violators. Monitored and oversaw parking meters to ensure that they were in good working condition. Demonstrated ability to provide vehicle security and emergency response.

– Violations Handling
– Security Patrol
– Emergency Response
– Ticketing
– Enforcement Actions
– Meters Maintenance
– Access Control Systems

• Successfully managed to accommodate over 1200 cars, during a particularly busy event at the facility.
• Implemented a parking meter system which was 85% more efficient than the one it replaced.
• Saved the parking lot from a possible terror attack, by recognizing signs of nefarious activities, and intervening at the right time.
• Trained 15 other parking enforcement officers, in handling parking enforcement duties, as part of their training.


Parking Enforcement Officer
Spectrum Services, Brooklyn, NY
6/2014 – Present
• Patrol assigned parking areas on foot, to ensure public compliance with parking regulations.
• Create and maintain close communication with dispatch personnel to relay information regarding incidents.
• Write warnings and citations for vehicles that may be parked illegally and issue verbal warnings when necessary.
• Identify parking violations, such as parking codes, and ensure that members of the public are made aware of rules.
• Assist people in locating parking spaces and provide them with support in fitting their vehicles in.
• Observe and report hazardous conditions, including missing traffic signals and signs.
• Investigate and answer complaints regarding parking citations, and determine their validity.
• Intervene in troublesome situations such as accidents, focusing on the wellbeing of individuals.

Parking Enforcement Officer
Forest Club, Brooklyn, NY
2/2010 – 6/2014
• Directed vehicles within the parking lot and ensured that they were parked in designated areas.
• Maneuvered vehicles into tight parking spaces and issued parking tokens to vehicle owners.
• Ascertained the security of all vehicles parked in the assigned parking area.
Retrieved vehicles from parking areas, and handed them over to their owners.
Ascertained that all assigned parking areas were properly maintained at all times.

High School Diploma
Brooklyn High School, Brooklyn, NY – 2010