For those seeking employment as a Loss Prevention Officer, an effective cover letter is very important for a successful application process. A number of applicants might have extensive experience in the loss prevention field, so your cover letter for Loss Prevention Officer Resume must be engaging enough to overtake others. Read the employer’s requirements carefully and tailor your cover letter to those needs, highlighting your applicable skills and qualifications.

Job Overview
A loss prevention officer’s job is to ensure that thefts and vandalism do not occur within a retail or hospitality setting. People working on this position are usually plain clothes security personnel who roam around, looking for the slightest hint of trouble and striving to ward it off.


Loss Prevention Officer Cover Letter Sample


15 Chicon Street
Austin, TX 55554

May 18, 2014

Mr. Thomas Yogi
Manager Admin & HR
524 Adleta Boulevard
Austin, TX 44443


Dear Mr. Yogi:

I am submitting my resume in reference to the position of a Loss Prevention Officer currently available at K-Mart. As an experienced individual who possess a keen sense of understanding precarious situations and pertinent skills to manage them effectively, I am confident that I am the best choice for this position.

Working in a security settings for five years has instilled in me attributes of clear thinking and remaining calm even in the most perilous situations. I possess the inane quality of anticipating problems by just looking at people or situations. This quality has assisted me in ensuring that many problems regarding thefts and vandalism are caught right at the beginning or that they do not take place at all. Having said all this, I am proficient in setting up security cameras and using scanners and other surveillance equipment effectively.

I am very excited at the prospect of working at K–Mart and would like to meet you soon so that we can discuss this opportunity in detail. My resume and application form is enclosed with this letter. I will call to the HR department within few weeks to check the status of my application and will be available at (777) 777-7777 in the meantime. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Robert Tordo

Enc. Resume