A cover page for a nursing portfolio is a standard letter in business format specifying a nurse’s skills and qualifications along with a TOC (optional) that will enlist the contents of the portfolio.


Nursing Portfolio Cover Page Example


Janice Turner, R.N.
90 Perryville Road
Danville, KY 66653
(899) 998-88888
janice @ email . com

June 25, 2015

Mr. Lewis Jackson
Senior Administrator
Family Internal Medicine
532 Southview Drive
Danville, KY 66663


Dear Mr. Jackson:

This is with reference to the position of a Registered Nurse that you have advertised in the Daily Mail. Your requirements seems to be an exact match with my qualifications, therefore, I am submitting my portfolio for your consideration. 

I am a highly qualified RN with over a decade of experience in managing emergency nursing procedures with a strong demonstration in clinical skills and managing hospice patients. My expertise lies in community healthcare, emergency nursing and hospice patient management. Along with this, I am proficient at all basic and complex medical issues and have the capability to initiate care plans accordingly.

Additionally, I have vast knowledge of looking after patients with relevance to both their medical and clinical needs. My knowledge of established protocols makes it easy for me to assess patients’ conditions and manage them consequently. Furthermore, my exceptional ability to work with the very elderly and the chronically ill by eliciting compassion makes patients and families comfortable with me immediately.

I have enclosed my resume, portfolio and a table of contents with this letter which will provide you further information regarding my qualifications and diverse experience. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss my qualifications in wider detail. You may contact me at (999) 999-9999 if you need any further information that you do not find in the enclosed set of credentials.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Janice Turner


Annex-I – Summary
Annex-II – Nursing Experience
Annex-III – Competency Checklist
Annex-III – Education and Certifications
Annex-IV – Honors, Awards, and Testimonials
Annex V – References

Note: You may mention the above list on a separate page naming Table of Contents