Probation Officer Resume Objectives Examples

Updated on: November 3, 2019

Clear resume objectives help us write resumes that convey the experience, skills, and training that we have to our names.

Since hiring managers are too busy to identify your career goals, it is best to give them this information on a plate – in the form of a resume objective.


While the majority of job seekers like incorporating all this information in a summary of qualifications as opposed to a resume objective, no rule says you cannot use the latter.

If you want to be concise about what your aspirations are, a resume objective can be a great friend. It also works wonders if you know that the person reading your resume has little time and patience to read an entire paragraph!

Mostly, resume objectives are used by candidates applying for entry-level positions or those who are changing careers.

Again, this is not a rule, so it is alright to play with it a little and write an objective even if you do not fall into either category. Here are a few tips on writing a resume objective that generates results:


• Focus on how you can benefit a potential employer – and not yourself.
• Do not be vague in what you write – be specific to the position that you are applying for.
• Keep your objective concise and targeted.

And you are ready to go! For your ease, you may refer to the following samples of objectives written for a probation officer resume:


Probation Officer Resume Objectives

• Looking for a position as a probation officer at Georgia Department of Human Services. Knowledge of criminal justice systems and experience in interviewing and counselling paroled individuals.

• Seeking a probation officer position at the Division of Community Corrections, using exceptional knowledge of counseling clients in support of the division’s reentry mission.

• Desire a position as a probation officer at Correct Care Solutions. Successful track record working with high and medium risk offenders, with the aim to assist them in reintegrating into society.

• To obtain a probation officer position at the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections. Offering deep knowledge of probation programs and handling violation investigation by researching and reporting criminal activity.

• To work as a probation officer for Colorado Office of the State Court Administrator, using knowledge of criminal activities and parole programs, along with the ability to build effective relationships with community groups to ensure support for probationers.

• Desire a probation officer position with Polk County Internal Office. Eager to apply knowledge of evaluating offender progress and recommend intensity of required supervision.