Detention Officer Resume Sample

Updated on: June 25, 2022

Insightful, complete, and informational – these are the three attributes that a detention officer’s resume must possess.

Since these are the 3 things that employers look into when they pick up a resume, making this information readily available to them is of great importance.

And here is a resume sample for you to look at:

Detention Officer Resume Example

Simon Oliver
7952 Massachusetts Avenue
Bethpage, NY 95231
(000) 854-5214
samol @ email . com


Progressive and experienced detention officer with hands-on experience in processing inmates, maintaining jail security, supervising inmates, and handling custody issues. Skilled in escorting and safeguarding inmates to their cells and ensuring that their physical conditions are maintained. Increased efficiency by effectively supervising and controlling inmate behavior during detention center/jail operations. Proficient in maintaining weapons, equipment, and uniforms in functional conditions as per established policies.

✓ Behavior Control ✓ Grievance Addressing
✓ Visitors Control ✓ Patrolling
✓ Inmate Counting ✓ Screening
✓ Record-Keeping ✓ Contraband Prevention
✓ Permits Handling ✓ Control Room Operations

• Proved to be invaluable to a team of patrollers in locating and apprehending an escaped inmate.
• Introduced the idea of digitally scanning visitors, reducing incidents of contraband items being introduced into the facility.
• Implemented additional rules and regulations for the facility office, increasing the efficiency of control room operations.
• Successfully laid out behavioral standards, based on which inmates were judged and provided required counseling.


Detention Officer
City of Bethpage, Bethpage, NY
7/2012 – Present
• Receive inmates as they enter the facility and search them to ensure that they are not carrying dangerous items.
• Ensure that all inmates are assigned to appropriate cells and are escorted safely.
• Provide new inmates with information on rules and regulations of the facility, and ensure that they follow them.
• Coordinate efforts to ensure that facility-approved clothes are handed out to inmates.
• Monitor facility entrance and egress and report any unusual findings to the supervisor.
• Ascertain that all inmates are provided with appropriate sanitation conditions and supplies.
• Observe and maintain orderly conduct amongst the inmate population and intervene in issues stemming from unruly or violent behavior.
• Process inmates for release and assist in transporting them to courts for hearings.

Junior Detention Officer
Bethpage Central Jail, Bethpage, NY
2/2007 – 7/2012
• Assigned the cells to new inmates and ensured that they were provided with clothes and medicines that they require.
• Monitored each assigned cell to ensure that activities were within the limitations of the facility.
• Performed body searches on inmates and visitors to ensure that no contraband instruments were introduced into the facility.
• Subdued inmates projecting their violent sides to ensure that no harm came to other inmates or staff members.
• Ensure that all inmate paperwork was properly charted out and timely updated.

AAS Degree in Criminal Justice
Community College, New York City, NY | 2006