5 Detention Officer Resume Objective Examples

Updated June 25, 2022
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Objectives are the crowning glories of resumes.

They make sure that resumes open with a compelling objective statement, making it easy for readers to decide that they indeed want to read the rest of the resume too.

When you opt to leave out the objective, you leave out much more than the two or three lines at the top of a resume.

Employers of today are so used to seeing resume objectives that the lack of one may make it difficult for them to read the resume.

An objective for a detention officer resume is nothing more than a short statement outlining what your abilities are, and how you intend to use them to contribute positively to an organization.

Put on your thinking cap and get your inner writer to surface.

 Here are some samples:

Sample Objectives for Detention Officer Resume 

1. Highly experienced Detention Officer with over 10 years’ track record of working in high-security detention facilities, looking for a position at Los Almos County Detention Center. Exceptionally talented at patrolling facility to ensure security and oversee the movement of detainees according to protocols.

2. Passionate Detention Officer with 7+ years of hands-on experience in handling inmate induction procedures, providing inmate and premises security, and handling the operational end of the facility. Seeking a challenging role at Dorchester County. 

3. Progressive, insightful, and experienced Detention Officer with over 5 years of experience working in a busy detention facility, anticipating a position at Akima Detention Facility. Eager to apply skills in handling detention, facility management, inmate processing, and security initiatives.

4. To work for Texas Juvenile Justice Department as a Detention Officer. Offering expertise in monitoring conduct of inmates according to established policies and regulations, and conducting booking and release of inmates, including collecting DNA and suicide screening.

5. To work as a Detention Officer at Oklahoma County Detention Center. Excited to coordinate, monitor, and perform various functions associated with the safety and well-being of inmates and the general operational stability of the facility.