Detention Officer Hard Skills for Resume

Updated on: June 25, 2022

Define yourself in three words. How would you answer this?

To be able to do this, you will need to go through a great many things, including a self-analysis of what you are capable of. And this is where you will discover what your skills are.

These skills need to be strategically placed in a resume for you to be able to come across as someone who a hiring manager cannot refuse a job.

It may seem easy on the surface but writing your skills as a detention officer in a resume is hardly easy. Knowing what your skills are is one thing – placing them effectively on a resume is another.

But it is something that you have to do if you want a detention officer resume to be considered complete.

A resume that does not host a skills section is never considered complete, making the hiring manager feel that you are not up to par with this or her requirements.

After all, it is your skills that will make you a great contender to work in any position.

Without undermining the importance of education and experience, we would like to place focus on the skills.

Remember that it is not just one thing that makes a resume complete – it is an amalgamation of many little ones. And skills are important to highlight if you want to be considered for a position that demands a lot from an employee.

Here are some examples of how skills can be placed in a detention officer resume:

Sample Hard Skills for Detention Officer Resume

• Highly experienced in handling inmate induction duties by receiving them according to protocol, and providing the required information.

• Demonstrated expertise in performing duties related to detention, processing, safeguarding, and escorting inmates as required.

• Exceptionally well-versed in exercising surveillance and control over detainees, in a bid to maintain order and discipline.

• Familiar with conducting security and sanitation checks of assigned areas to ensure parity with established standards.

• Adept at attending to the housing, feeding, and physical wellbeing of detainees/inmates with a special focus on the quality of service.

• Proficient in removing inmates from holding areas by ensuring that they are properly restrained.

• Proven record of effectively guarding detainees during deportation or transit between facilities and courts.

• Able to monitor inmate activities within the facility, in cells, and during recreation time.

• Deep familiarity with handling inmate management work including head counting, conducting medical calls to distribute medication, and controlling inmate movements.

• Particularly effective in performing body and cell searches to ensure that no contraband instruments or items are hidden.

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