Marketing Communications Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: January 31, 2021

As an integral part of any company, marketing communications managers provides brand awareness by employing certain communications and marketing techniques.

They ensure the establishment of communications standards and implement strategic marketing plans. They define target markets and manage marketing communications plans appropriately.

They set plan budgets and ensure that they work around these budgets.

If you have a degree in either communications or marketing, you may be able to do justice to this position. The following cover letter sample will help you find a job in this regard.

Marketing Communications Manager Cover Letter Example

388 Illinois Ct.
Green River, WY 25102
(000) 999-9992

January 31, 2021

Ms. Bernice Wayne
Manager Human Resources
90 Reno Road
Green River, WY 78383

Dear Ms. Wayne:

I deem both communications and marketing to be integral parts of a company’s promotional and awareness bank. My bachelor’s degree in marketing combined with three years of hands-on experience makes me highly eligible for the position of Marketing Communications Manager at Roadrunners, and I would like to explore this opportunity further.

Even before I started working in this capacity, I was aware of establishing communications standards in sync with marketing activities. Since both go hand in hand, I understand the need for appropriate integration of both for successful outcomes. During my employment at WWF, I have developed and implemented key marketing strategies that help the fruition of each communications program. Over the course of years, I have become a favorite contact for the local media and can perform fund development activities without any hitches. My written and verbal communication skills are excellent in acquiring grants and developing meaningful relationships with all agencies external and internal.

I believe that this position is best discussed in person and I will be delighted to meet you in person at a time convenient for you. I may be contacted at any time of the day if you require any information from me that will help in the orderly transition of this application.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Emma Longwood

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