Top 2 Chief Information Officer (CIO) Resume Samples

Updated on: April 11, 2022

Working as a chief information officer means great responsibility.

To show the hiring manager that you are capable of handling this, you’ll need to write a compelling resume.

In the resume, your focus should be on impressing the hiring manager with your skills, achievements, competencies, and previous leadership roles in the information technology field.

Build your resume in a manner that the connection between your skills and their desired traits is visible at a glance.

Choose a simple and reader-friendly format.

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Here is one that you can take ideas from:

Chief Information Officer Resume Sample 1

Harry Porter
88 Delta Road, St. Cloud, MN 90201
(000) 434-2143


Top-performing Chief Information Officer with 8+ years of experience in leading cross-functional IT teams to devise information technology strategies. Demonstrated ability to ensure proper placement of support systems, and implement technologies to streamline internal operations. Known to optimize strategic benefits to each department.

Objective Setting | Strategy Building
System Design and Implementation | Purchase Approvals
Professional Guidance | Infrastructure Oversight
IT Projects Direction | Change Monitoring Cost Analysis
Risk Management | Standards Establishment
Customer Service | Platform Development


Chief Information Officer
HBSC Strategy Services, St. Cloud, MN
• Create strategies to drive business goals
• Develop goals to ensure that the IT department runs smoothly
• Establish and lead information technology projects
• Observe changes and trends in the technology sector for improvement purposes
• Supervise networks and computer systems in each department
• Implement new information technology systems
• Analyze current technology and provide suggestions
Selected Achievements
• Singlehandedly developed and implemented a 100% working information systems strategy
• Introduced a cost analysis mechanism, determining the highest cost loophole

Information Technology Consultant
ABC Company, St. Cloud, MN 
• Oversaw the development and implementation of communication systems
• Negotiated contracts with vendors and service providers
• Prepared and administered cost-benefit analysis
• Suggested both hardware and software upgrades
• Optimized existing IT strategies
• Set and measured KPIs
• Approved departmental purchases
• Set budgets and ensured spending within it
• Provided strategic information technology advice to executive stakeholders
• Motivated and led team members to help them reach their goals
Selected Achievements
• Devised a professional guidance system, used primarily for new employee training
• Trained 50 information technology professionals to work in their specific strongest areas

Information Officer
Mensa Solutions, St. Cloud, MN
• Monitored changes in technology sectors to determine improvement requirements
• Created and adapted technological platforms to improve user experience
• Troubleshoot information technology-related issues
• Assisted in the direction and organization of IT projects
• Performed value and risk analysis tasks

Master’s Degree in Information Technology
Minnesota State University, St. Cloud, MN – 2009

Certified Project Management Professional – PMP

Chief Information Officer Resume Example 2 

Daniel Wayne
678 Ivory Lane, Atlanta, GA 45737
(004) 854-9535
daniel @ email . com


Versatile and intellectually aggressive IT and finance support professional with 25-years’ experience in driving high levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. Specialized knowledge of various financial systems, human capital management, and cybersecurity practices within financial services organizations. Exceptional team player with proven leadership qualities, known for building responsive IT organizations to maximize user experience.

• Deployed a cost-effective operational protocol leading to a reduction of $32000 in terms of telecom expenditure.
• Successfully secured and administered an $80M project with an international firm that is now an IT partner.
• Enhanced annual revenue by 40% through the incorporation of innovative protocols for addressing business needs with IT solutions.


Chief Information Officer
STate Accounting, Atlanta, GA
2012 – Present
• Provide sales consultation services through opportunity identification, risk management, and promotion validations
• Develop and implement new, state of the art information technology practices
• Devise innovative IT-based solutions to address the business needs of the company
• Guide the administration regarding technological equipment/system changes and up-gradation protocols
• Conduct periodic meetings with department managers and manufacturers to exchange information regarding IT implementations and project promotions
• Supervise vendor contract negotiations for the purchase of IT equipment for the organization

Information Officer
IBM, Atlanta, GA
2009 – 2012
• Evaluated team performance and implemented research-based technological trends
• Assisted in project planning and client engagement especially within key accounts
• Identified current challenges, opportunities, and leading practices for specified industries
• Designed and maintained IT application servers and infrastructure for the company
• Leveraged administrative software solutions to cater to business needs
• Planned and directed hardware growth, up-gradation, and replacement

MBA – IT Management
State University, Atlanta, GA – 2009

Certified Information Systems Security Professional – CISSP

• ICT Supervision
• Global IT Operations
• Financial Advisory
• Strategic Road Mapping
• Service integration
• Team Coordination
• Portfolio Optimization