School Nurse Recommendation Letter Sample and Tips

Updated on: December 13, 2023

Writing a recommendation letter for a school nurse position requires careful consideration and attention to detail. This letter serves as a testament to the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and suitability for the role.

In this guide, we provide a sample reference letter and offer valuable tips to help you craft a compelling and effective recommendation. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your letter highlights the candidate’s strengths and makes a positive impact on the hiring process.

Remember, customizing the letter to the specific requirements of the school nurse position and incorporating specific examples will strengthen the credibility of your recommendation.

Sample Recommendation and Reference Letter for School Nurse Position

December 12, 2023

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this letter to provide a strong recommendation for Jane Johnson as a school nurse. I have had the pleasure of working with Jane for the past five years at Oakridge Elementary School, where she has consistently exhibited exceptional skills, dedication, and compassion in her role as a student nurse.

Jane has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to the health and well-being of our students. She possesses excellent communication skills, allowing her to effectively interact with students, teachers, and parents. Her ability to listen attentively and empathize with others enables Jane to provide the best possible care and support to those in need.

One of Jane’s strongest qualities is her ability to remain calm and composed in stressful situations. She has successfully handled medical emergencies and provided prompt and efficient care to students. Jane possesses a keen eye for detail and demonstrates excellent critical thinking skills, thereby ensuring accurate assessments and appropriate interventions.

Moreover, Jane actively participates in health promotion activities and initiatives within the school community. She has organized various awareness campaigns and workshops on topics such as nutrition, hygiene, and mental health, creating a positive impact on the overall well-being of our students.

Furthermore, Jane works collaboratively with the school staff to improve health policies and procedures. She is always willing to share her knowledge and expertise, providing valuable insights and suggestions. This level of dedication and teamwork make her an invaluable asset to our school community.

In summary, I highly recommend Jane Johnson for any position as a school nurse. She has consistently demonstrated the qualities necessary for this role, including excellent communication skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to handle challenging situations with professionalism. I have no doubt that Jane will continue to excel and positively contribute to any institution fortunate enough to have her as a member of their healthcare team.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any additional information regarding Jane Johnson or her performance as a student nurse.

Sincere regards,


John Smith
Oakridge Elementary School
(000) 965-9565
[email protected]

How to Write a Reference or Recommendation Letter for a School Nurse Position?

To write an effective reference or recommendation letter for a school nurse position, consider the following 8 points:

1. Introduction:

Begin by introducing yourself and your relationship with the candidate. Include how long you have known the candidate and in what capacity.

2. Key Qualifications:

Highlight the candidate’s qualifications relevant to the school nurse position. Discuss their education, certifications, and any specialized training or experience that makes them a strong candidate.

3. Specific Skills:

Provide examples of the candidate’s specific skills and qualities that are important for a school nurse. These may include excellent communication skills, compassion, ability to work in a team, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability.

4. Professional Competence:

Describe the candidate’s professional competence and their ability to handle various medical situations common in a school environment. Emphasize their knowledge of common illnesses, first aid, medication administration, record-keeping, and adherence to health and safety protocols.

5. Patient Care:

Discuss the candidate’s approach to patient care and their ability to establish rapport with students, parents, and other staff members. Provide examples to illustrate their ability to provide emotional support, administer medications, and handle emergencies with composure.

6. Teamwork and Collaboration:

Highlight the candidate’s teamwork and collaboration skills. Discuss their ability to work effectively with teachers, administrators, and other healthcare professionals to ensure the well-being of the school community.

7. Reliability and Professionalism:

Comment on the candidate’s reliability, punctuality, and professionalism. Discuss their ability to maintain confidentiality, follow procedures, and handle sensitive information with discretion.

8. Conclusion:

Summarize your recommendation by expressing your confidence in the candidate’s ability to excel in the role of a school nurse. Offer to provide further information if needed and provide your contact details for any follow-up questions.

Remember to customize the letter to the specific requirements of the school nurse position and use specific examples to support your claims about the candidate’s qualifications and achievements.

Final Thought

Crafting a strong recommendation letter for a school nurse can contribute to the success of deserving candidates. Use the provided sample and valuable tips to create a powerful and persuasive letter that highlights their qualifications and abilities. Your recommendation can make a significant impact on their professional journey.