Letter of Recommendation for LPN to Nursing School

Updated on: January 1, 2022
How to Write a Professional Recommendation Letter for LPN?

A recommendation or reference letter for a licensed practical nurse must include your reason for writing one.

It should contain positive traits of the applicant such as excellent work ethics and high bedside manner.

You can mention how the applicant’s experiences and knowledge as a nurse will benefit a future employer, or institute.

It is imperative to include position-related, as well as personality traits that the applicant has.

Prior to writing an LPN recommendation letter for nursing school, it is imperative that you are completely convinced that the applicant is eligible for the praise that you are offering.

To see how you can write a letter of recommendation for an LPN for admission to a nursing school, take a look at the following sample:

Sample Recommendation Letter for LPN to Nursing School

January 1, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

I am writing this recommendation letter for Nancy Whitter, who has been working as a licensed practical nurse under my supervision for the last 12 months. She has proved to be an exemplary individual both personally, and professionally.

As her direct supervisor, I have had the opportunity to watch her work closely, and benefit from her professional enthusiasm as well. Nancy is an upbeat, and characteristic individual, who concentrates highly on her patients, making sure that they remain comfortable and happy. To me, it is clear that she was made for this line of work, as she has excelled in it immensely.

As far as her professionalism is concerned, she is thorough, efficient, and has great insight into providing one on one care to patients with different types of medical histories. She always tries to ensure that patients and their families remain as positive as possible, through education, as well as unrelenting support. Nancy has not only shown that she can care for patients, but she has also demonstrated her love for the work, and dedication to the cause.

Now, she wants to further her education in nursing, and she has my full support and recommendation for the program that she is applying for in your school. I am positive that she will be an amazing addition to your institute, and will be a source of pride in the coming years.

Please contact me at (000) 183-2746 if you need validation on Nancy’s case.


Shania Twines
Head of Medicine
Berkley Nursing
(000) 183-2746

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