Pediatric Nurse Resume Sample [+8 Tips]

Updated on: January 24, 2021

Sample Resume for Pediatric Nurse Position

Morgan Mann
43 Rogers Lane, Lacey, WA 13364
(000) 951-9654


Results-oriented and compassionate Pediatric Registered Nurse with over 8 years of experience in delivering excellent care to infants and children. Proven track record in complex and intensive case handling. Ability to work in fast-paced and busy healthcare environment. Works well under pressure. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Selected as the head of the pediatric department
• Developed a pediatric team by hiring new staff and providing training to existing ones.
• Consistently triggered nursing procedures reorganization, as a result, considered the most stable department in the hospital.
• Drove implementation of children-specific care programs, which considered 50% more efficient than before.


Pediatric Nurse
New Haven Health, Lacey, WA| 2014-present

• Assess assigned patients to determine their conditions
• Check and record vitals such as pulse and temperature
• Provide pre and post-operative care
• Administer medication and injections
• Monitor patient status and inform nurse managers of changes
• Handle emergencies according to the protocol
• Conduct physicals and child immunizations
• Educate young patients and their families about medical procedures
• Assist in the diagnosis process and provide feedback
• Administer intravenous lines
• Maintain intravenous lines, continually checking them for problems
• Evaluate children to determine signs and symptoms of abuse
• Perform pain management tasks to ensure children’s comfort
• Determine the children’s physical and emotional needs
• Explain to parents about home care, aimed at protecting children’s health

Student Nurse
Preferred Care, Lacey, WA | 2012-2014

• Checked inpatients for diseases and conditions
• Detected changes in patient conditions
• Performed physical examinations, such as measuring vitals and taking samples
• Evaluates patients for physical abuse
• Dealt with emergencies following instructions

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Lacey University, Lacey, WA – 2011

– Patient Observation
– Vitals Taking and Recording
– Drugs Administration
– Patient Education
– Hygiene Maintenance
– Supportive Care
– Emergency Handling
– Pain Management
– Situation Analysis
– Privacy Maintenance

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How to Craft a Professional Resume for Pediatric Nurse Position?
  1. Start using a focused RN summary statement.
  2. Emphasize your nursing accomplishments and achievements.
  3. Write only two relevant experiences.
  4. Make it short and to-the-point.
  5. Add information about your core competencies and skills.
  6. Avoid grammar and spelling mistakes.
  7. Show your enthusiasm and love to work for children.
  8. Send a Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter along with your resume, even if it is not required.

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