Pediatric Nurse Resume Sample

Updated on: September 28, 2019

Pediatric Nurse Resume Page ImageA pediatric nurse works in the pediatric ward of clinics and hospitals. Looking after children’s health and medical needs is their primary job.

As a matter of fact, a pediatric nurse needs to be kind and compassionate.



How to Craft a Perfect Pediatric Nurse Resume?
  1. Start using a focused RN summary statement.
  2. Emphasize your nursing accomplishments and achievements.
  3. Write only two relevant experiences.
  4. Make it short and to-the-point.
  5. Add information about your core competencies and skills.
  6. Avoid grammer and spelling mistakes.
  7. Show your enthusiasm and love to work for children.
  8. Send a Pediatric Nurse Cover Letter along with your resume, even if it if not required.




Pediatric Nurse Resume Example


Morgan Mann
43 Rogers Lane, Lacey, WA 13364
(000) 951-9654


Results-oriented and compassionate Pediatric Registered Nurse with over 8 years of experience in delivering excellent care to infants and children. Proven track record in complex and intensive case handling. Ability to work in fast-paced and busy healthcare environment. Works well under pressure. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Selected as the head of the pediatric department
• Developed a pediatric team by hiring new staff and providing training to existing ones.
• Consistently triggered nursing procedures reorganization, as a result, considered the most stable department in the hospital.
• Drove implementation of children-specific care programs, which considered 50% more efficient than before.


– Patient Observation
– Vitals Taking and Recording
– Drugs Administration
– Patient Education
– Hygiene Maintenance
– Supportive Care
– Emergency Handling
– Pain Management
– Situation Analysis
– Privacy Maintenance


Pediatric Nurse
New Haven Health, Lacey, WA| 2014-present

• Assess assigned patients to determine their conditions
• Check and record vitals such as pulse and temperature
• Provide pre and post-operative care
• Administer medication and injections
• Monitor patient status and inform nurse managers of changes
• Handle emergencies according to the protocol
• Conduct physicals and child immunizations
• Educate young patients and their families about medical procedures
• Assist in the diagnosis process and provide feedback
• Administer intravenous lines
• Maintain intravenous lines, continually checking them for problems
• Evaluate children to determine signs and symptoms of abuse
• Perform pain management tasks to ensure children’s comfort
• Determine the children’s physical and emotional needs
• Explain to parents about home care, aimed at protecting children’s health

Student Nurse
Preferred Care, Lacey, WA | 2012-2014

• Checked inpatients for diseases and conditions
• Detected changes in patient conditions
• Performed physical examinations, such as measuring vitals and taking samples
• Evaluates patients for physical abuse
• Dealt with emergencies following instructions

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Lacey University, Lacey, WA – 2011

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