6 Clinical Research Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: September 2, 2022

Let us help you by providing you with a set of interview questions and answers for you to go through before the interview:

Clinical Research Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why did you opt to apply for a clinical research nurse position for this particular trial study?

I have been largely interested in a cure for autoimmune diseases over the years that I have worked as a nurse. I have already researched much about the phenomenon and have been actively seeking out ways to manage it for my patients over the previous 5 years. When I heard that your hospital was conducting a clinical research trial to test a new drug for possible management or cure of most autoimmune diseases, I could not help but apply for this position.

2. Have you ever worked on a clinical research trial before?

I have worked on 5 different clinical research trials in the past, the most recent being one in which I was part of a clinical research team that was responsible for successfully testing a drug to put Systemic Lupus into remission.

3. What type of duties do you expect to perform if hired as a clinical research nurse at our hospital?

I believe that my foremost duty will be to determine whether patients or subjects meet inclusion criteria. Assessing subjects to decipher their readiness and eligibility should come next. Ensuring that patients are in appropriate conditions to undergo trials and ordering and interpreting their initial test results to determine individualized care plans, will be part of my job too. Additionally, scheduling clinical procedures and follow-up visits, patient education, counseling, and creating and maintaining patients’ records in a confidential manner will also be part of my work duties.

4. What type of skills does a clinical research nurse need in order to work successfully in this capacity?

Working as a clinical research nurse requires consummate skills in handling situations that need analytic input. Additionally, a clinical research nurse will need to exhibit in-depth knowledge of data collection and management and establish care plans, along with exceptional communication skills.

5. How is the work of a clinical research nurse different from that of a registered nurse?

The work is completely different barring some overlapping duties. While a clinical research nurse has to perform the usual chart management duties and take and record patients’ vitals, her work is more focused on preparing patients for clinical trials and ensuring their safety and well-being throughout the procedure.

6. Have you ever been part of a clinical research trial that ended negatively? Recount what happened.

I was part of a team that was testing a drug to reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. Even though the team had been diligent while taking initial patient information, the patient began convoluting when the drug was administered to him. It so happened that he had forgotten to tell us that he was allergic to one of the components of the administered drug. He was considered unsuitable for the trial and after being treated for the episode, he was discharged.