Clinical Research Associate Resume Example

Updated on: February 11, 2022

A Clinical Research Associate resume that speaks of the candidate in a confident and articulate manner is the one that will win the employment race to the finish line.

Do yourself a huge favor and write your resume by giving it all due consideration and time.

Here is an example for you to get ideas from:

Clinical Research Associate Resume Sample

Sam Hunt

858 Sonya Lane
Bunker Hill, WV 98745
(000) 155-4142
samhunt @ email . com


High-energy, detail-oriented Clinical Research Associate with 13 years of a successful track record. Exceptional analytic skills as evidenced by running clinical trials to test drugs for marketability and developing and writing trial protocols. Documented success in managing designated clinical trials including investigator selection and analysis of potential patient recruitment.


ONE BLOOD, Bunker Hill, WV
(8/2013 – Present)
Clinical Research Associate
• Determine the logistics of each drug trial and handle investigator selection and patient selection duties.
• Prepare trial-related documentation including protocols, case report forms, and consent documents.
• Organize startup meetings and study site initiation conferences.
• Coordinate the movement of laboratory samples and ensure that procedures are set for optimization of patients into the trial.
• Plan requirements for clinical trial materials, set up and monitor systems and maintain procedures to account for trial materials.
Key Achievements
• Developed and implemented a set of protocols for clinical research work which are being used as the basis for each trial program.
• Implemented comprehensive pre-trial procedures which resulted in the success of 25 trials out of 29.
• Successfully helped in developing a cancer cure drug, now being marketed under the brand name Merkel.
• Created a huge database of dynamic information, now being used as the core research resource by clinical research associates within the facility.
• Efficiently coordinated movement of laboratory samples and data items.

ABC Company, Bunker Hill, WV
(5/2008 – 8/2013)
Clinical Research Associate
• Developed study tools and guides for each clinical trial.
• Interacted with field monitors to ensure appropriate management of study issues.
• Coordinated activities at investigational sites.
• Conducted co-monitoring visits and reviewed monitoring trip reports.
• Assisted in the development of study timelines and priorities.
• Served as the primary clinical liaison between drug development teams and other departments.
• Provided logistical support in developing and writing clinical trial documents and manuals
• Assisted in evaluating and investigative sites and conducting co-monitoring visits
• Participated in monitoring study safety and handling data review and discrepancy resolution
• Performed study initiation activities and reviewed protocols and regulatory issues
• Documented accountability, stability, and storage conditions of clinical trial materials according to sponsor’s instructions

Bachelor’s Degree in Life Sciences
State University, Bunker Hill, WV – 2003

– Trial Methodologies
– Trail Study Center Setup
– Data Collection
– Protocols Development
– Investigator Identification
– Pre-trial Procedures
– Drug Development
– Research and Development

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