Nurse Educator Resume Example

Updated on: March 29, 2018

Working in both academic and hospital settings, a nurse educator is primarily responsible for designing and implementing training programs for student nurses.

They develop the curriculum which focuses on educating and training newly hired nurses in terms of delivering excellent patient care. Nurse educators are required to possess a master’s degree at the very least. Both their teaching expertise and nursing background needs to be reflected on their resumes.

Nurse educators ensure that they prepare newly graduated nurses for the ever challenging healthcare environment. They teach students nurses the various tasks that they will be expected to perform when working in a real-time environment.

They also assist student nurses in the practical sense such as helping them through their first IV insertion or injection. Nurse educators also evaluate student nurses at the end of each program to determine their progress and learning and assist them with any limitations.

As you build your resume for applying for this position, you will need to write much information on your experience and skills as a nurse educator. You may take ideas from the resume example below.


Nurse Educator Resume Sample



Martha Collins, RN

6680 Ethel Street | Metuchen, NJ 77022 | (000) 142-7854 | [Email]



• Proven communicator with 8 years’ devoted experience in imparting nursing education
• Highly experienced in developing and implementing curriculum to enforce nursing education
• In-depth knowledge of overseeing preceptor programs and evaluating the effectiveness
• Extremely proficient in presenting to individual and large groups on topics suitable to appropriate rationale, knowledge, and skills


• Incorporated a patient-focused program within the present nurse education curriculum
• Designed an effective competency-based and quality outcome focused plan that can be modeled to different nursing objectives
• Wrote a paper on effective nursing education published in Medicinal Practices Today
• Reorganized the lesson planning system of the school thus ensuring elimination of redundant information


Nurse Educator
New Jersey Medical School, Metuchen, NJ | Jan 2008 – Present
• Design effective learning programs to develop competencies
• Assist nursing staff in applying theory to practice
• Design and implement programs that ensure continued training
• Manage student placements and preceptor-ships for both undergraduate and graduate students
• Assist student nurses in applying nursing skills in real time environments
• Provide direct patient care and formulate patient education materials

Registered Nurse
Family Health Hospital, Metuchen, NJ | 2005 – 2007
• Developed and implemented patient care plans
• Provided direct patient care following individual care plans
• Ensured patient safety and comfort
• Administered medication and IVs
• Took and recorded patients’ vitals
• Performed emergency services


Bachelor of Science in Nursing
New Jersey University, New Jersey, NJ – 1994


Unrestricted New Jersey Registered Nurse License

AHA Healthcare Provider CPR card