Clinical Nurse Educator Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 5, 2015

The effort you put into writing a cover letter that is of the standout quality, is time and effort well-spent for the future. So do not be stingy in making this effort. Employers are always reluctant readers. Wouldn’t you be the same if you had to read tons of cover letters and resumes each day? Concise and interesting to read cover letters are however, taken in a different light. Even the most reluctant of readers will want to go through cover letters that define the candidate in a positive light – concisely!

You do not need to fill an entire page – cover letter writing is seldom about quantity. The quality of content matters though. While not physically possible, if you can provide a hiring manager with information on how suitable you are for a clinical nurse educator position in one sentence flat, you can be the position winner. The point is that short sentences, concise content and clearly articulated information is what works best when you are writing a cover letter for clinical nurse educator resume.

How is it possible to say a lot using little space? Think of it this way; you need to leave something for the interview too, so do not go into too much detail about your abilities. Let the hiring manager become curious about you so that he wants to meet you in person.

Using the intrigue angle, what follows is a cover letter sample for clinical nurse educator position:


Clinical Nurse Educator Cover Letter Sample


Francesca Lloyd
788 Balkan Dr
Brookings, SD 50102
(000) 444-4444
Francesca @ email . com

December 5, 2015

Ms. Courtney Clinton
Nurse Manager
The Medical Affairs Facility
987 45th Street
Brookings, SD 57006


Dear Ms. Clinton:

There is no substitute for either experience or skills derived from hands-on experience, and this cannot be nearer the truth when one is talking about the nursing profession. As a passionate clinical nurse educator, I offer:

• Over 12 years of experience in incorporating principles of adult learning in the planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing education programs
• Special talent for initiating and evaluating unique service orientation programs aimed at providing dedicated nursing training
• Unmatched ability to identify the individual training needs of nurses and coordinating efforts with nurse managers in order to support customized learning programs
• Competent at implementing and evaluating extended skills programs by fostering an environment that supports the utilization of nursing research

Let’s meet in person so that I can elaborate my skills and expertise in detal. I will be in touch with your office to set up a convenient interview date and time. Until then, I can be reached at (000) 444-4444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Francesca Lloyd

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