Operations Representative Job Description and Duties

Updated on: October 26, 2019
Position Overview

Operations representatives work under the supervision of operations managers.

They are responsible for ensuring that operational tasks of the organization are handled properly so that customer services and transaction processing is made smooth.


Job Description

As faces of the organization that they work for, operations representatives are required to proactively communicate the organization’s services and products to its clients.

They communicate with clients to assist them in understanding how the system works so that they can derive maximum benefit from the services provided to them.

As a part of a dynamic team, operations representatives handle bank correspondence and even maintain existing accounts.

Since working as an operations representative means that you will be working directly with clients, it is important to possess good communication skills.


Employers generally prefer to hire people who have prior banking experience; however, most of the training is usually provided on the job.


An associate’s degree in banking is usually required to work as an operations representative, but it is also important for them to be technology savvy and have a deep understanding of how the financial world works.

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Operations Representative Duties and Responsibilities

• Assist operations managers in handling enquiries and create customer databases

• Handle office correspondence such as drafting letters and emails to clients on the organization’s behalf

• Take and respond to queries put forth by clients

• Handle any issues that clients may be facing due to service or interruption thereof

• Assist in strategic planning and implementation of programs to meet business goals

• Coordinate activities of different departments such as marketing, sales, and human resources

• Handle and maintain insurance policies that support lending relationships with clients

• Perform credit tracking activities and secure forced place insurance by liaising with various departments

• Prepare web banking checks and take appropriate action on returned web banking checks

• Provide assistant to clients with debit and credit card transactions

• Respond to inquiries about account statuses and provide clients with transaction reports

• Review and process transactions pertaining to rendered services

• Maintain internal operational and financial controls to ensure that they meet bank standards

• Proactively identify ongoing issues within the organization and attempt to resolve them on an immediate basis so that they do not affect the client-organization relationship

• Communicate new services or additions to existing ones to new and existing clients with a view to convince them to upgrade their accounts