A resume of a candidate applying for a Mortgage Loan Originator position must be written according to needs and wants of prospective organization. An ideal resume must reflect excellent sales skills, knowledge of loan processing policies and expertise in filing borrower cases.

To give more strength to your resume, it is advisable to use some powerful action verbs in the skills/qualifications section. In addition, including related keywords makes a very good impression especially for a position like a mortgage loan originator which requires energetic and active individuals.

Following is a sample resume for a mortgage loan originator which will help you how to write a great resume.


Mortgage Loan Originator Resume Sample


Kate Martin

78 Lincoln Ave | Dayton, OH 78556
Cell: (333) 666-5555 | Res: (003) 444-3333 | Email: kate.martin @ email . com

Asserted and detail-oriented professional with 5+ years experience in mortgage loan processing and management. Adept at processing residential mortgage loan requests. Matchless skills in maintaining an active business referral channel coupled with a track record of proactively soliciting residential mortgage business.

• Loan request evaluation, referral evaluation and forwarding of loan applications
• Borrower specifications filing, application completion and forwarding of request file
• Automated and manual underwriting and processing of mortgage loan files
• Public relations and referral networking for soliciting potential housing loan business
• Providing guidance, consultancy and paper work assistance to potential borrowers

• Mortgage consultancy
• Residential mortgage underwriting and processing
• Originated loans pipeline management
• Loan applications filing
• Knowledge of federal lending regulations

• Secured high volume mortgage loan business via self generated referral networks, that led to enhancement in revenues by 10%
• Assisted in designing of five new promotional mortgage packages to attract more potential borrowers
• Trained a group of 20 junior mortgage loan officers regarding automated underwriting and state approved application processing protocols


Mortgage Loan Originator | Bank of America Home Loans | Dec 2008 – Present

• Originate, file, seal and process mortgage loan requests
• Educate the borrowers regarding federal mortgage lending policies
• Implore further mortgage business via maintenance of a strong network of referrals
• Implement federally issued mortgage regulatory policies and guidelines
• Process all underwriting processes proficiently
• Hold regular meetings with clients, attorneys and bank administration for discussing progress and status of mortgage loan applications
• Answer client queries regarding application progress to ensure delivery of high quality customer care

Dayton University, Dayton, OH | 2008
Bachelor’s Degree in Finance