Position Overview

Like most other supporting staff in the healthcare industry, medical transcriptionists are also a very important part. They provide healthcare professionals with transcribed records of clinical and surgical notes that are an integral part of a records system in a hospital or a clinic.

Medical transcriptionists need to possess strong knowledge of medical terminology and follow medical transcription guidelines to the last point. Their language skills need to be absolutely perfect because the need to communicate by listening, talking and writing is very important. A certification as a CMT (certified medical transcriptionist) is usually a prerequisite for obtaining a job in this regard.


Medical Transcriptionist Duties and Responsibilities

● Transcribe dictation by physicians and other healthcare professionals in order to document patient care

● Listen to dictation provided to them on a tape or a disc and decide which information needs to be transcribed and what needs to be excluded

● Distinguish between homonyms and identify and report mistakes in medical terms

● Consult a medical dictionary to make corrections

● Identify mistakes in reports and check with doctors to ensure that they are putting in the right information

● Perform data entry and retrieval tasks

● Produce medical reports and correspondence

● Review transcribed dictation for any errors and edit information that he deems incorrect

● Shorthand and stenotype to take dictation for transcribing at a later time