Walmart Customer Service Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 27, 2020

Applying for a Walmart customer service position is not possible if your cover letter is not on par with the rest of the applicants. Let us help you here.

Your Walmart Customer Service cover letter should highlight your ability to handle customer service, and manage stocking and display work.

One of the main things that you must highlight when writing a cover letter for a Walmart customer service assistant, is your knowledge of retaining customers, through the implementation of excellent customer services.

Since customers are any business’s prime concern, they are considered most important.

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Here is how you can word your cover letter:

Walmart Customer Service Cover Letter Sample

June 27, 2020

Mr. Justin Robertson
Human Resources Manager
2310 Dusty Avenue
Rochester, NY 79474

Dear Mr. Robertson:

I am highly interested in the customer service assistant position at Walmart. Owing to a similar experience in the past, I am positive that my skills will be appreciated by you. If you are looking for an individual who is service-oriented and possesses the ability to ensure repeat business opportunities, then you will definitely interested in my candidacy.

Over the 5 years that I have worked in a customer service role, I have gained many skills in areas such as stocking, tier 1 services, deals closing, and inventory management. In the past 2 years, I managed to exceed the sales goals that were assigned to me.

My customer service skills are a notch above my peers. Knowledge of handling demonstrations, and performing upselling work are just two reasons why I should be considered for the position of a customer service assistant at Walmart. Managing POS systems in order to process both cash and credit card payments is another area that I am well-versed in.

It will be a pleasure to meet with you and provide you with more details about my skills as a customer service attendant. I can be reached at (000) 736-4948.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Grace Perry

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