Business Services Assistant Job Description

Updated on: November 11, 2016

Position Overview

A business services assistant is an administrative individual who performs a wide range of office duties and administrative tasks. This includes scheduling appointments, processing administrative documents, and handling billing, and manning the telephone lines. Needless to say, the work of a business services assistance is demanding to the highest degree.

Educational Requirements

To be eligible to work as a business services assistant, you have to possess a high school diploma at the very least. An associate’s degree in business or sales is desirable.

Required Skills

Strong interpersonal and communication skills are prerequisites of working at this position, and the ability to work in a team-centered environment is important as well. It is also important to possess exceptional skills in handling computers and media, as you may be responsible for handling a lot of work that requires technology to run it.

Business services assistants work in multiple capacities, including hospitals, schools and service facilities. The work of a business service assistant requires an individual to possess good organizational and time management skills, along with a great ability to handle customers, and work within tight deadlines. Some experience in an administrative role may be considered in high regard when you are applying for a business services assistant job.

A list of job duties that a business services assistant is required to perform include:

Business Services Assistant Job Description

• Assist customers and visitors with their queries and problems to ensure that they are provided with the best of services
• Process customers’ payments and petty cash according to the specifics of the accounting department
• Compute and record charges and funds, and process miscellaneous deposits as instructed
• Distribute employee timecards and paychecks and ensure assist with refunds, collections and benefits allocation
• Logically sequence and organize business forms and accurately process business forms
• Maintain inventory of business forms and inventory and ensure that they are properly filed
• Support business development opportunities and track correlating information
• Create records and file structures for all assigned projects and manage approval processes for contracts and sub contracts
• Review invoices and obtain signatures or approvals from managers and / or directors
• Assist systems coordinators in ensuring that monthly business system processes are accurate and complete
• Provide knowledge management support by coordinating, gathering and organizing information such as reports, publications and presentations
• Provide support to the research and evaluation work of each assigned project, including data collection and database population
• Enter all expense information into set business management system expense tracking logs and ensure that approved invoices are sent to the right staff members or filed in appropriate dockets