Medical Records Technician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: November 10, 2016

Medical records technicians work for medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics, where their main job is to maintain medical records operations. They ensure that all patients’ medical records are properly entered into the system, in an accurate manner, and that any requests for retrieval are processed in the minimum time possible. It is also their job to make sure that the security and confidentiality of medical records is maintained under all circumstances.

The prerequisites of working as a medical records technician include a high school diploma or a GED equivalent. In addition to this, it is important to possess exceptional data analysis skills and the ability to type quickly and accurately. Most of your day will be spent coding information into a system and responding to requests for retrieval of information. Analyzing electronic data and ensuring the security of all files under your control will be all in a day’s work for you. Furthermore, you will be responsible for developing and maintaining health information networks and codifying patients’ medical information for reimbursement purposes.

As a medical records technician, your main work will be to maintain files included in patients’ health information portfolios, which may include medical histories, symptoms, diagnostic tests, and correlating treatments. What follows is a list of duties that you will be expected to perform on each workday:

Medical Records Technician Job Description for Resume

• Organize and compile medical records of patients to document their conditions and corresponding treatments
• Compile medical care data and census information for statistical reports regarding types and extent of diseases
• Create and maintain health record indexes and storage and retrieval systems
• Respond to requests for information retrieval and handing over by first verifying the authority of the requester
• Ascertain that patients’ medical records are complete and accurate and provide feedback about inaccuracies or discrepancies to the supervisor
• Notify healthcare providers of record deficiencies and follow up with them to ensure completion of records
• Process patients’ discharge and admission paperwork and ensure that all payments and copays are timely processed
• Post medical insurance billings and process medical billing information according to protocols and procedures of the medical facility
• Compile patients’ medical records to document their condition and correlating treatments
• Communicate with healthcare professionals to clarify or comprehend diagnosis or / and to obtain any required additional information
• Effectively maintain information regarding patient data, disease pattern and treatments and outcomes
• Review patients’ records and reports to assign codes for diagnosis and offered / in progress treatments