The future of your Medical Clerkship job application can be bright if you spend a plenty of time to write a cover letter. Ordinary cover letters almost never make it to the interview stage. And that is a pity since writers of seemingly ordinary cover letters may actually be people with great skills otherwise.

Think, plan and organize your information properly before writing. When you are done, make sure that the information that you have collected complement the job description.

If you are applying for a medical clerkship position, make sure that you are actually eligible for applying for such a position. And eligibility at this point does not only mean that you have the skills for it but the fact that the employer may have specified that you have courses under your belt that will make you eligible.


Medical Clerkship Cover Letter Sample


653 Alaska Street
Greenfield, IN 12014

January 16, 2016

Mr. Henry Dole
Manager Human Resource
Emory Medical Hospital
321 E Main Street
Greenfield, IN 02102


Dear Mr. Dole:

As a final year medical student at Indiana State University, I am interested in acquiring a medical clerkship at Emory Medical Hospital. The motivation behind choosing your hospital is its exceptional reputation in helping final year students, by exposing them to a wide range of clinical activities across many disciplines.

By offering a sound background and immersive experience in data interpretation, clinical procedures and case preparation, you will soon discover that I will be a little less “student” and a little more “clinical assistant” in a hospital environment. I am well-versed (academically) in the following areas, which will also help in making the decision making process easier for you:

• Anesthesia
• Family and Community Medicine
• Neurology
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Pediatrics
• Psychiatry

I will contact you next week to see if a meeting can be arranged. If you need to contact me before that, my digits are (000) 888-8888.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Jennifer Lorez

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